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It does include a stylus, or a stylus will be available, as in the presentation they demoed that even there's a magnetic zone aside the Surface to attach the stylus
I certainly think that keyboard selling point is the dumbest think I have ever seen, specially that cover keyboard. How is that think supposed to stay in a lap? You can't use that if you don't have a table. Even if you have a lap plate to rest that thing you'll be stuck in its fixed angle. It's a total mess. If I would use a keyboard frecuently with my iPad I could use a Apple Wireless Keyboard with me that is small enough to carry on, or use that Logitech cover or any...
I really don't know what to think about the 7". I wrote about it in my new blog when the Nexus 7 came out. I look at the Kindle Fire and I think "hmm… this size is somehow comfortable" but then, after a couple of minutes it does begin to feel too small almost for anything. Sure, maybe I'm wrong. I think it could have a big segment waiting for something like that. But, what it would be? An iPad? I really don't think that Apple would degrade the iPad name to that thing. An...
It doesn't have anything relevant to switch. Uninstalled right away. Stick with Safari.
I do not agree with the impediment. What I do agree is that they force Samsung to change the design and the interface. Until that they can't sell it. 
Hello, Mr. Ballmer!
Stupid useless features. Nobody is going to use that. A lot of flashy useless things to impress for the moment but that doesn't have any impact in day-to-day use.I'm not impressed at all.
Yes, please. Also, please make one for videos taken with the camera. It's an absurd to save them in the photos app when there's a video app.
...also   I think, that interface looks cool ...for 5 minutes.   Everybody could be tired very fast of those boring tiles. It certainly looks informative, but most people would like to keep those things more private (like the notification previews of iOS 5. I don't want anybody besides me reading the first line of my emails o my iMessages. Who knows when you are waiting something very personal or in terms of work, things that other employees shouldn't be aware...
Another one that is too late for tablet market. Everybody is too late to compete with Apple. In some ways that is sad, the good thing is Apple doesn't sleep in front of its competitors, but is always important to have a menace. That's the good thing of having Android out there, that it drives Apple's spirit.   Microsoft aren't the iPad killers. Nobody is. Everybody wants an iPad. It has become the word to describe a tablet. No one can take that away from them. The...
New Posts  All Forums: