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  Hmmm...   iMac 21.5" doesn't see small screen and you can optionally choose a full size numeric keyboard. Also, the little bluetooth keyboard is also full size. iMac 27" certainly isn't a small screen at all, and you have the same option for a numeric keyboard. MacBook 15" is an average laptop with full keyboard. MacBook 17" have the largest screen offered in laptops by any manufacturer. MacBook 13" is an average small laptop with full keyboard. MacBook Air 11" is an...
I agree that it's been so long since the last update and not a single word from Apple. They are so happy with iOS and all this personal devices and its success that this kind of machines are being completely ignored, or at least that's what we are perceiving. I don't know really what to think. On one side, Apple it's been more agressive than ever in trying to get a piece of the corporate business, but it seems that its efforts are towards iOS devices more that any other...
Too much technical stuff 99% of AI readers don't care about, including me. All that seems like blahblahblahblah
Hmmm…. I don't believe it. Why should he talk about an "Apple revolutionary product" when it is a personal project of Job's family? He knows the difference of that very well. Anybody knows in fact. My guess is that he was called by Apple to view and give an opinion of that "revolutionary product" and then his tongue betrayed him talking more than it should.
I hope at least more comfortable even if they don't sound damn good. In fact I think in ears with optional noise cancelation controlled from the idevice itself should be the default. Apple have a lot of money now to develop that kind of thing with no effect in price.
Do not confuse antiglare with matte. Antiglare are the actual displays without glare, matte are the old displays. Color saturation, vibrancy and deep blacks of new displays blow up the old matte ones.
sometimes this kind of details are so f*cking freak. Why should I care of such details. "Johnny la gente está muy loca. WTF!"
Don't judge the camera by the photographer.
I just love the decision, I hate model numbers or names, and Apple doesn't need them.
A more competitive would be $299, but since there's no real competitive devices for iPad...
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