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Apple invitations are truly art. Remember in that event they released the smart cover, and that invitation resembles that behavior when you uncover the iPad. They're genius :P
That's a big plus, but I'm pretty sure it must be something with making people go to the event.
Of course they'll go now, but, if Apple makes always live streaming of their events, you can be sure the attendance will be cut in half.
The problem with live streams is that journalists and other kind of invitees don't go to the events, and Apple, as any other company, wants to see their room full after all the effort of creating such an event like this. So, sorry, I would like to see a live streaming too, but knowing the pain it is make this kind of shows I understand them.
The first thing I thought too.
I really saw that coming. Well deserved. Apple always highlighted NYT in its products to only receive that kind of bad journalism back.
You THINK you don't need. From an iOS user this update is a really welcome one. The syncs will be more on its place, with notes in its own application, Messages, Notifications, everything is just what all want. Perfect move from Apple. Never sleep.
Even Jobs said it when he announced the first Air. I don't think SSD are going to be used by these machines. Memory cards will. They are a lot less expensive and easy to replace. I suppose 128GB cards will be the standard. 4 of these and you can have 512GB. On a laptop that's plenty of space. Most people didn't use even 256GB. And you can always have a USB HD for extra space, until those cards get to 256GB each. Optical drives are dead. Dead, dead, dead. I have used...
Most people want new shape just for others to notice that they have "the latest one". It's all about vanity. The only thing that should be improved is weight.
Really? Are you talking serious here?
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