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Most people want new shape just for others to notice that they have "the latest one". It's all about vanity. The only thing that should be improved is weight.
Really? Are you talking serious here?
The actual form factor is almost perfect. The only thing that should change is weight.
Premium resellers must and will disappear as Apple create more official stores around the globe. Resellers sell Apple products at a very higher price, and Apple is in an World expansion strategy, so they want to be more accessible to everybody.
Stupid, tabloid news. That kind of reports only wants to get more visits to their webpage and TV ratings with misinformed material. Never saw an iPad before? give me a break. With that start you know the report is plain wrong. Seems like an 80's scandal. Of course, every news that says "Apple" is something that sells great these days. Just stop already NYT and CNN. Even NYT should be ashamed of that reports they have done recently. Apple has been always a supporter of...
“I’m going to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen product. I’m willing to go thermonuclear war on this.” I think Android eventually will implode. It is an unsustainable platform until 1, just 1 device gets the official Android label.
37 Million iPhones sold in Q411. Your arguments are irrelevant. No phone in the world has ever sold more.
Horrible Ad. That Phone is too big.
Buy Adobe, and rewrite everyone of their crappy memory hog apps, then make it Mac Only
Cheers! Dominican Republic is in!! Finally!! My only complain is there's not any Slash songs, not Snakepit, not Slash's Solo Record. Hope for it very soon
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