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37 Million iPhones sold in Q411. Your arguments are irrelevant. No phone in the world has ever sold more.
Horrible Ad. That Phone is too big.
Buy Adobe, and rewrite everyone of their crappy memory hog apps, then make it Mac Only
Cheers! Dominican Republic is in!! Finally!! My only complain is there's not any Slash songs, not Snakepit, not Slash's Solo Record. Hope for it very soon
Man, Brasil (the correct form of the name) IS a latin country. What do you think are latin countries? The ones where spanish in the main language? Did you know that italians are latin too? french people too. Search for latin people...
Roberto Carlos is very far from a title like "King of Latin Music." Give me a break, please!
I'm with you, I do hope Apple simplifies all these things in iChat. I'm waiting for iChat since day 1.
Of course it will. It'll be a key feature, the final stage for FaceTime, the thing that will boost it finally. With more than 100 million devices out there FaceTime capable, that will be a complete success.
First: read my post update. Second: For apple to add phone capabilities for the Touch it's a no-brainer, that does cost nothing. YOU'll have the option to use the phone part of it. If you want it to be just what it is now, then buy it as is. Nothing to lose here.
New Posts  All Forums: