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I'm with you, I do hope Apple simplifies all these things in iChat. I'm waiting for iChat since day 1.
Of course it will. It'll be a key feature, the final stage for FaceTime, the thing that will boost it finally. With more than 100 million devices out there FaceTime capable, that will be a complete success.
First: read my post update. Second: For apple to add phone capabilities for the Touch it's a no-brainer, that does cost nothing. YOU'll have the option to use the phone part of it. If you want it to be just what it is now, then buy it as is. Nothing to lose here.
Let's talk iPhone! The only thing that means is that iPod Touch its going to dissapear. Apple knows that device it's a waste of technology, for that reason it is going to be converted in an iPhone, easier to get one (note that I don't say cheaper) for people that don't like contracts. You can buy it as a Touch if you don't want the phone, it isn't obligatory.That's the best response Apple could give back to Google's Android devices (most of them cheaper in quality). With...
It isn't a white iPod Touch. It is the new iPhone low cost. It is a perfect move to convert the iPod Touch to an iPhone without a contract for about $200-$300. For Apple to convert the Touch into an iPhone and maintain the same price isn't a problem at all. In fact the Touch is a waste of technology, they must at least add 3G for use it as a VoIP device. I think that's the right move for Apple now that Google has acquire Motorola and certainly the Android devices are in...
What a mess. Almost everything could be managed by a well created contextual menu.
The only surprise here is that ONLY 500 people said yes to get a free phone like that.
I can't be more agree with that. When they launched the Mac App Store the first thing it came to my mind was that they should remove the iTunes App Store and unified the Apps into that application. Know we have the iTunes App Store, which is called "App Store", the Mac App Store, and also the updates of the system are from Software Update. WFT??? These type of things takes me to Microsoft way of complicating things. Why? It doesn't have any sense.
I can't imagine how horrible could be a scratch on that black aluminum :/
New Posts  All Forums: