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I can't be more agree with that. When they launched the Mac App Store the first thing it came to my mind was that they should remove the iTunes App Store and unified the Apps into that application. Know we have the iTunes App Store, which is called "App Store", the Mac App Store, and also the updates of the system are from Software Update. WFT??? These type of things takes me to Microsoft way of complicating things. Why? It doesn't have any sense.
I can't imagine how horrible could be a scratch on that black aluminum :/
I just don't see any of these iOS devices it's been made for multiple users. In fact they don't have user accounts. I think they are too personal for being considered as a multiple user device. Maybe the iPad could gain a user account feature, but that could happen just when the capacity reach 128GB or more and the processors could be more powerful. By now they are completely personal devices.
I just can't see Lodsys winning this thing. What can Apple do with a license that requiers the interaction of a developer. It's a in-app license, please!
Completely agree. What does Apple intend to do with FaceTime only for Mac/iOS users? Do they think that's enough to be chosen as the default and prefered video chat for everybody? Everybody doesn't have a Mac/iOS device. How am I suppose to use FaceTime with my sister (in Las Vegas) if she only have a 1st Gen iPad and all her machines are PC's? Before release FaceTime they should have bought Skype or at least Yahoo! Messenger to implement it there. Was Apple dreaming that...
This move.... I can't understand it. At all. Why? what for? An why in this world they didn't fusion FaceTime into iChat? That was what I though it would happen in Lion. That's the obvious move. Now we'll have iChat A/V and FaceTime. Excuse me, but that's stupid, like a Microsoft kind of thing. Now iChat competes with FaceTime. Clever! Beware Apple, what the heck are you doing in there? are you beggining to get too big and fragmented with all your app teams? That...
The Pico, yes, it is a great move, to show photos anywhere, keynotes, and maybe view a movie, that could be awesome if it works great. The TV, no, I don't think so, TV is for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad what FM Radio is, a competition for the iTunes Movie rentals, any iTunes Movie business or TV shows, as FM Radio is a competition for buying music from iTunes. So TV, no.
I think 2 things: - The white MacBook down to $799, or - The white MacBook dissapears. I believe in the 2nd thing, because now all its line is aluminum, the white looks out.
This movement by Apple convinces me more about a think I've thinking a lot lately. I'm pretty sure that Apple, in someway I don't know for sure, it's going to release some app to develop Flash-like animations and apps that can be compiled as HTML/JavaScript, just like Flash's SWF's. I could put my hands on fire, that thing it's going to be announced next year with Lion.
I'm starting to believe that some people here doesn't know how to read.
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