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Depends on how good the software is.  I think the ecosystem will continue to be a negative on Android tablets for quite some time.  Hardware matters a lot less (aside from the screen) on tablets than it did during the PC wars. 
I think that Apple's maps will kind of suck at first.  I have not seen a better map than google's from anyone, not Yahoo, not Msosft, not Nokia, not Open maps.  Nobody matches the searchability, the transit directions, the street view, and most importantly the increadible readability of google maps.  It pains me to say this but I am not expecting an improvement over current experience, at least not at first.
What country are you in and how many carriers do you guys have? I would like to know a bit more of how this works outside the US. I am pretty used to monopoly pricing here in the states, both ATT and Verizon charge the exact same price (one charge more for minutes, other charge more for data). Sprint is a bit cheaper, but not as good a choice for speed or call quality.
You guys are crazy. Data plans are in addition to regular voice plans, so are about 1000 per year on the cheap side on the plan as opposed to about 360 per year on a dumb phone on the cheap side. . Don't care how much that is per day that is still serious money for homeless people or those near the bottom of income distribution. That's just rediculous talk.
no real need for it. I think the current size is pretty close to ideal, though making it a bit wider would make for a better movie watching experience. The only reason to release a smaller version would be to compete on price with Amazon, say 7 inch for 349 but that is not something apple would or should do. I say spend some energy on a matte ipad, that would boost sales for sure.
Samsung does not make the os, so I would not step on googles toes and mess with google's music and content business unless they want to lose android early access to HTC.
Nerdgasm, that's all I gotta say.
Why not build one in Chicago or Texas. That way you can have low latency on either coast and even less in Midwest. We have plenty of flat land to build it and a decent priced electricity. In the case of Chicago you can cover canada with low latency as well, and Texas could serve Mexican customers. Having one center on the east coast never made sence to me so maybe this Oregon one will balance the load. It's just that tax breaks seem to play more into equation than...
Man I wish I did not take that media analysis class in college. Now I think too much about what ads try to say and who they are trying to appeal and on what basis than actually the content of the ad itself. Speaking of analyzing ads - its well made in that people understand that 1. Apple products are cool 2. Best buy has them (there are not enough apple stores for everyone yet). 3. If you want to be a good mom than you have to outdo santa and buy your kids awesome...
So why not just use the regular thunderbolt port for docking? If intel wants thunderbolt to succeed they have to make it mass market to use economies of scale to drive down the price and up the adoption even more. So far both USB 3.0 and thunderbolt are spinning their wheels and we are stuck using e-sata and USB 2.0 on most consumer non enthusiast devices.
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