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I suggest rabbi reads on wealth of nations and how caring about your own interest translates into good for all. Than he should study up on communism and how collectivst societies fail. After that he should read somephysics and coding textbooks to see how many people it takes to make an idevice. Finally he should pull his head out of the gutter and see that we are living in the best of times, people are much more tolerant and caring than they have ever been, and apple has...
Going with next was the best decision apple of the time made. It turned out to be quite a flexible platform for both desktop, phone and even tablet os. I wonder if they could have scaled beos the same way.
Google can't make it better. It's not about hardware or software. The problem was content getting blocked by all the content providers and with the death of mobile flash it may make content even trickier google needs a deal with Comcast and the networks, which may be where Moro comes in, until then google tv is just a cool tv interface.
If adobe made great mobile versions of flash that worked flawlessly and consumed little to no power , apple would have used them. The truth is, flash on desktop still eats more battery power than watching a quicktime h/264 podcast from itunes, wich does not spin the fans even at 1080p. The web is well served by apple's strong stance against flash, and mobile web sites made for html 5 are now much higher quality experience than even their desktop counterparts in my...
Was a very smooth and enjoyable experience, just like the beta.
Score! Finally all sites will be forced to take off the idiotic flash wrapper off their native h.264 encoded videos. Restaurants are next - get rid of flash sites if you want customers.
France has its Polish plumber, Australia has a Polish tablet bootlegger. I gotta say shipping from asia is a smart idea, but they should have kept it on the DL, and not challenged apple in such direct way.
Yea I was scratching my head on the Touch as well. I gotta tell you though, if apple wants to finish off game boy and the like they better bring A5 to the touch before all the games hit. Kids will be hooked if they can get a 199 device that has same graphics as xbox, and than you just transition them to the phone in a few years.
Never had an issue other than battery, and it was solved by turning off time zone location. Sorry to hear you are having issues.
All clear! been using both on all my devices and can tell you I have no issues at all. Well, I turned off location services for time zone updates, but other than that all is good. I suggest you hop on at 5.0.1
New Posts  All Forums: