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Occupy the Ansible is coming your way soli.Yea keep Siri on 4s till all the kinks are worked out. In a year it will be a $99 device for us 99 percenters and we will all be asking Siri what we did before she came around.
From what I got the hacker is not using safari itself, but has found a way of tricking the sandbox to allow him to download external code in a way that is similar to what safari's Java Script does. Am I mistaken? If so, apple needs to put even more people on safari security, as it seems to be a recurring hole in the security process.
Steve was one of the few people who could make those glasses look good. Honestly not everyone can pull off that look.
Haha that will be perminantly associates in my head now.
Iphone4s.com redirects to a porn site? I tried iphone5.com and it sends to to iPhone 5 rumor site it seems. There's another reason apple should have called it iPhone 5. The other site names are whatever, but iPhone4s should definately be transferred to apple, as I can see quite a few people ending up on the site and that makes for a good case of domain abuse. Ps iPhone forse better be a geeky porn site.
Maybe they are holding their phones wrong Look I've never had a problem on Verizon ip4. The possible causes are crappy coverage areas or antenna issues on the phone. Antenna problems affected no more than 5% of users, this seems to be much smaller than that so it makes it hard to replicate. Well see what happens.Maybe sprint got a few defective phones or cell towers don't recognize or are overwhelmed by iPhone.
So I shut off the time church and the battery life did jump. Interestingly it was not a problem on my iPhone 4 but rather on Touch 4 that was extremely obvious.
This would be awesome, especially if non windows and Linux sync becomes a reality through web or client, but even as mac only this is awesome as well.
I don't think Siri is important enough to push down to lower end devices. It's nice in some situations like setting up alarms, but other than that I think typing is still faster and Siri asks to confirm too often. Actually asking to confirm reminds me of MS asking to save settings after changing them (whereas Macs just change settings as soon as you change them). Get rid of confirmations and Siri becomes faster than typing, but by that time we will all have a 4S or...
Amen. I'm a bit of a supporter of letting the south secede from the union. My only fear is them starting a war against the rest of the US because they seem to have all the military bases nowadays.
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