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iPad is Perfect sized device. The only thing necessary is a higher pixel density.
Are these guys insane? Who is gonna set up a separate account for each studio or a grouping of studios? Just think of this ridiculous process: buy a dvd, go to their site, create an account, agree to a bunch of terms, watch your movie. Compare that to buy a dvd, stick it in you mac, watch a movie. Compare that to one click on your apple tv, watch a movie. The studios are trying to protect something not worth protecting. DVD and physical media are dead. It is dead...
I wanted this version to blow the competition out of the water in terms of hardware. Bigger, denser screen, more starting memory, thinner, lighter, NFC, improved maps,louder speaker, heck even lte. Instead we have iPhone that caught up to the competition in terms of CPU, notifications and voice control( well is much better in this department but I won't use it), but I feel will be outclassed in terms of screen, performance, style, CPU, ram and NFC as early as nexus...
I left flowers at the Lincoln Park store in Chicago. There were a lot of apples and post it notes there. Absolutely incredibly feeling being there.
I feel like I have lost a friend today. I will remember him my whole life.
Judging by stock price it looks like we will not see a redesign. I think the lack of a new design may be very bad mojo for apple. If there is no NFC, no redesign and only a minor spec bulb I think we may see a lot of high end techy people leaving the iPhone and with them perhaps the high end devs as well. I would be very disappointed as I feel that apple really needs something special this time around aside from personal assistant that I don't see myself using ( at least...
Hey apple, I will make you an offer you can't refuse. Some mafia like dealing here. Maybe the Tab will run Bada.
Does not matter. Even if they pay some royalty it will still be better than buying webOS, a platform that brought not success to any company that used it.
Apple did not issue a statement that they have discontinued production of apple computers and are thinking about spinning off the devision. Palm is dead not because of market share (0), but because the company that owns it officially and on the record killed it off.
Nah, they already have free reign because they forked android. Now they can do whatever, and besides they have invested too much into the mod to switch. Maybe they buy the IP, if any is left to develop some features more quickly, but webOS is dead and everyone, including HP needs to accept that.
New Posts  All Forums: