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Watch them hold the event in NY and introduce NFC Wallet partnership with all major banks.
Wow, and I thought Chicago was a third world country, I guess its much worse in LA. I have had an attempted robbery on a CTA, where someone punched my in the face and tried to steal the iphone, but could not get it out of my hands quickly enough before doors closed. Never been assaulted with a gun though.PS I thought new york was the safest city in America according to crime stats. I don't think I'll go there any time soon cause I have bad memories of NY while...
Super confused. The guy made two de decisions that will determine the future of hp for many years to come. Killing webos and killing the pc market. So why the hell would anyone want to come in after major decision have already been made, unless there is a big stock growth anticipated from the decisions that the new CEO can capitalize on without having to make any divisions.
You are an idiot and rude, and because of that I won't tell you the name of the app that lets you play flash on the iPad.
Exactly what I thought too. I want native games, like real racing hd. We already have titles like nova and modern combat that are super console like. We don't need flash ports.
Yea sorry
So why the delay till august? I can tell you that if it is held in august we are either gonna get more than one phone or it's definitely NOT 4S and is a massive change in design.
These look Pretty damn similar to iPod touch 4th gen.
Thanks for the explanation.
We'll see about that. I am talking about what I see today. Without desktop app the OS (windows 8) that resides in my parallels folder is useless in my opinion. May as well be chrome OS, which also lives on my mac after I hit the full screen arrows on chrome browser window.
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