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You can add an SSD to any MBP. Plus lid open resume time on my 2011MBP is so fast I don't see the black screen at all. As the lid lifts the screen is already on and ready to use (well about 90% of the time, sometimes there is a delay for reasons I don't quite understand).
So, the tablets will only run the start menu? From what I understand those apps are nothing more than HTML5. Will the apps have access to deeper level of the OS to run more sophisticated apps like 3d games and apps similar to garage band and photo shop? If not, there is really no point. I have Windows 8 sitting inside parallels on MBP. I gotta say, the start menu level is pretty useless. I would compare it to widget pane in lion (when you swipe all the way to the...
Can I have a samsung sticker built into the screen protector as well so I can confuse all my friends. All jokes aside though I think the form factor looks killer. I wonder if there will be a way to scale existing apps onto that display while the developers are working on updates. Pixel double worked well for iPad, but I'm not sure if apple will have pixel 1.2 button on the phone. Perhaps we'll just have a black edge for the time being. Also it looks like the...
Air 11 is weak and has little storage. It is a netbook for the wealthy in many ways. Even for basic tasks like typing and watching a video 13 inch is much more pleasant. If you compare Air 11 to 13 inch Pro, the pro kicks butt in all ways except portability. In my opinion extra 2 inches make up for loss in pixel density, but that is debatable. For the same price point you can get a much better machine in Pro lineup than in Air linup. Finally if I am looking for...
Damn, chinese model wins again. Perhaps it is better to have the country run by engineers rather than lawyers, at least for the economy.
Introducing Googorolla Xoom 2 using Atom CPU. Battery life - 2 hours, but you can run Windows 8 on it! Those who said that Intel is stabbing apple, not true. Intel has no place to go. Microsoft stabbed them, and apple is using competing designs for its mobile business. So where else but android can they go if they wish to stay relevant? WebOS? Bada? I think Intel is making the right move, though I don't think atom can compete with Arm at this point.
Lol, well I wasn't exactly saying that I expect this to come true. A lot of people are floating apple TV (an actual TV) around, which is seems pretty crazy, but who knows. Besides, you can't exactly edit a movie pulling things off idisk... so the need for local storage will always be there. Comcastic will never let you move enough data, even if the speeds caught up.
lol you block the bottom socket. The pic in the story shows the bottom socket being blocked. I was just making a quickie joke.
Never plug that thing into the top socket. Before I upgraded to extreme I loved airtunes feature and never had problem with range. Oh and PS, they should make it easier to use this in reverse. IE use it as a wifi hookup for your xbox so that it catches the wifi and sends it back over the ethernet. I know it can be done, but I have always had problems with it and it never seemed to work quite right for some reason.
Yea but you gotta be a total high roller to get those in addition to another $50 you pay for channels you never watch. Maybe a few years into my career I will have money to spend every month. For now I would rather have faster internet.
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