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Not on iOS. Apple does not make Mac games, but it is the leader in gaming on mobile devices. That is why nintendo is scared shitless of the Touch. Here is Gameloft's home page. It clearly separates iPhone and iPad games out from the rest of smartphone games. That is for a reason, because gaming on iDevices is way better than the competition, especially for tablets.
I was actually thinking of keeping the price the same. A bit less than the iMac, but you don't get RAM, CPU and any radios (like wifi and bluetooth). Should also cut down on cooling parts. In other words, It's almost an iMac, but you still need a CPU and RAM in your AIR to run it.
I haven't been watching TV for about 2 years now. Sophomore year of college I no longer had free TV so I never signed up. I watch colbert report on occasion on the internet, and sometimes myth busters, but other than that don't miss the TV at all. I also don't watch sports. I think that is the main thing holding people back from cutting the cable these days.
Apple should stick a hard drive and video card into these displays. Say 1TB and high end ATI. That way, when MBA is connected you can do some crazy graphics processor intensive work and save it to the display, instead of being limited by Air's small storage and low graphics processing power.
So, how many good games are there for Android that are not clones from iOS. More importantly, how many tablet games are there for android? Sounds like a bad idea, and I would just buy Onlive instead. At least those guys can work cross platform, including mobile devices, and have some sort of future. Reselling physical disks will be the realm of Amazon pretty soon, as having a physical store will make it too expensive to stock physical items.
Please don't do it. There is no space for another player and webOS has no developers left. Just let it die off so we can start something new.
Lol yea bad wording there I guess.
It will be called a spacebar or as someone said previously genius bar.Also I dig the statue idea, though I don't know if Jobs would approve.
The new campus should definitely have a bar. If you guys read the link to mercury news, they quote the mayor: "I think it makes sense to call it Apple 2. They have iPad 1 and iPad 2; iPhone 1 and iPhone 2. This building is probably going to have much more innovative technologies and products than what they have at" their first campus." Made made laugh. The most rational mayor in the US.
Can the GPS tell how high you are? In a building there may be more than one restaurant on top of another, which could kinda screw with the results. Also they need to check time of day, as some buildings have more than one restaurant depending on time of day.
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