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Burn! Man I live in the best of times. A few hundred years ago people would have shot each other in a duel for statements like that, and before that there would have been a war between kings. Now I can just discuss this stuff on the forums. Sorry for kind of unhelpful post, but I really dig these lawsuits. I am learning quite a lot about law along the way.
Yup. The person who invents more efficient use of spectrum to allow more carriers to exist should get a giant statue in DC.
Apple pulled a funny on FC. It reminded me of the switch from iMovie (HD?) to the new iMovie 08 if memory serves me correctly. Those that lived through this will know what I am talking about. I kept that old version till 09 and was not fully satisfied till 11. I think it may take apple a few versions before people who left come back to FC.
Americans have never been patriotic / nationalistic due to the makeup of the country. I am sure Taiwanese Americans would stand up for Google in this case. The bigger point is that I should have became a patent lawyer rather than an accountant. I would have had crazy job security right now.
In these tough economic times every government official is looking for extra revenue. Here is a chance to charge ATT some money to fund DoJ.
Cant wait to see it, but of course wont be able to upgrade for a while cause got a verizon iphone 4.
Nice. Maybe they should open a genius bar instead so their engineers could attend those instead
Somthing is weird about this strory. If apple used find my i to find this guy, how is it possible that they could not find the phone? Gps is hella accurate and unless this guy lives in a giant apartment complex, how cohuld they not find it. Also, if he was at the bar AND the find my i brought them to him, he must freaking know something about where the phone is. How can you have "plain clothes" police go out for a search. I am pretty sure they have to have a...
Not really, as mentioned by the guy above your post, google has always had a favorite developer for each major release of android. Its always been either moto or htc or samsung. I dunno, this is not that revolutionary, since it does not concern the future of moto, only the past. There is no need for google to piss off partners like samsung and htc when they are happily at work increwasing googles advertising empire. I think moto will be a volume low end manufacturer if...
Perhaps. I think if, true this may be just like nook and kindle, ie you can only access apple related features like iCloud, but you can't go into the wider internet as a whole. That would be a good way to tread the water and see if 3g touch could work out without hurting telecos or the iPhone.
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