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The iPhone protection plan is not tied to your AT&T bill. You make the first payment of $14.99+tax at the register when you buy your iPhone, then it is automatically taken out of whichever debit card or credit card (or Best Buy Card) that you want to use.Yes, we will be getting the 32 GB model.
Well yeah, Best Buy is in the business to make money - but the iPhone is not cheap to repair. On average, to fix a cracked plastic screen on say, a BlackBerry Curve 8330, it will cost $95. It costs more than twice that to repair the iPhone's glass screen.
I work for Best Buy Mobile and, while it does seem a lot, you'd be surprised how many people will buy the iPhone from us just because we're the only ones to offer protection against cracked screens and liquid damage. For the accident prone, it's a great plan. We also cover 1-time battery replacement. I've received confirmation that we will be launching alongside Apple and AT&T on June 19th.
I had this exact same problem with my Rev.A MacBook Pro about 6 months back. It seems to be pretty random. I was using my MBP at home and all of a sudden I smell smoke. It took me a minute to realize where it was coming from until I actually saw the white smoke pouring out of the cable. It actually looked worse than pictured, believe it or not. I was pretty ticked off but the service I got from the Apple Store made up for it. No appointment; I just walked in with my...
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