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Hexacore? Not. I believe Apple will eventually add more cores, but for now, why? Their dual-core chips spank the competition's octocore chips, so it's unnecessary. Better to keep the design simpler and more power efficient. Since Apple does their own chip design, there is no reason they can't do something like move to a triple core design. They've already done that with the GPU portion of the X chips.
A 2560x1440 resolution on a 4-5" device is just insane.  Waste of processing power to push that many pixels the human eye can't discern (at that size) anyway.
I have no interest in a bundle.  Both Apple and the Networks are out-to-lunch.  I've already cut the cord.  Hello Networks, I'm already NOT viewing your content, partially because your content stinks, and partially because the Cable TV bundle model is insanely overpriced ("150 channels of crap").   I would be interested in an a-la-cart model, where each "channel" would cost somewhere between $2.99 to 4.99 per month.  I would choose the ones I want, which is good for me,...
"CNBC analyst" = paid media schill. Nothing private about anything Cook said. Nothing he said has any material basis anyway (no financial figures).
Hogwash.  There is still plenty of pent up demand, including myself (upgrading from 4s).  My wallet is just waiting for September to get here.  Force-touch is icing on the cake.   Few iPhone 6 users are going to upgrade to a 6s.  This is true every year, nothing new about that.  But the 6s does have enough new features (not to mention a new CPU, etc.) to get any remaining v3.x & 4.x users (like me) to finally upgrade, as well as a good portion of v5.x users.
Hopefully they'll take the opportunity to include (by today's standards) a decent GPU, like the Cuda/OpenCL capable Quadro K2100M, or GeForce GTX 965M (or better)...  and go back to offering more than one model with a dedicated GPU.   Hello?  Apple?
Why apologize for making an accurate statement? It was a bit harsh, yes, and if it were me I would have omitted the "bigot" part of the the statement, but hipocracy is certainly true. If Tim were truly concerned about diversity he would be respectful of others' religious rights as well as all other human rights. It is also indisputable that Apple does business in countries that murder anyone in the LGBT camp. Where's the outrage from the left for the actual abuses of...
Cook is on the wrong side of this issue.  A law that reinforces the 1st Amendment to the Constitution, which is increasingly under attack, is a good law.  Apple should stay out of politics and social issues, and stick to just making insanely great products.  It never ends well for companies who get distracted away from their core purpose.
The only small (but significant) detail left out of the conversation is that USB can't reach it's full theoretical transfer rate due to signaling and overhead. Real world transfer rates for USB-2 average 40% of maximum, and it's even worse for USB-3.x. In contrast, Thunderbolt, if I remember correctly, can realize up to 90% of its maximum. In numerical terms, the best you'll ever get from: USB-2 is ~200Mbps USB-3 is ~1.8Gbps USB-3.1 is ~3Gbps Compared to...
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