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That's cool, and reasonably measures recent performance, but I've never understood the obsessive attachment to "market share" (a misleading term) numbers.  Other than showing current sales trends, it's meaningless.   I like to see results for active installed base, and see how any recent sales grows that figure.  Heck, I'm still on an iPhone 4s and my kids are still using my original 1st gen iPhone (it still works!).
I can't even begin to express how disgusted I am with Apple over this Mac mini "upgrade". The mini was the only machine they made keeping me on the Mac platform, and now they've neutered it. Absolutely disgusting. Mind boggling disgusting. No, I'm not kidding. Sayonara.
Schmidt is just narcissistic enough to make a run for President! He's lying so well, he could challenge Obama.
Hogwash.  Current volatility is due to world events and the piss-poor policies of the current administration.
If Eric Holder is complaining, then Apple is doing something right.   "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."  --Benjamin Franklin
Apple (who's always had this problem) should stop pushing "one size (product) fits all" scenarios on schools (or businesses). For their education programs, set up a deal that lets the schools choose the type of device that fits their needs, and have those choices part of the package that can be easily managed, and the total price mostly unaffected. In my estimation, the ideal choices for a school deal would be any combination of iPad, iPad mini (with or without...
BS.  Just don't allow govt. employees to bring cell phones into govt. buildings...   Sounds like someone hasn't been paying their 'protection' money.
Oh, oh. Me too!!
So, are we saying there are only 42mil internet capable TVs that have been sold, or 42mil in use?   Between the office and home, I've personally purchased 4 such TV sets, and in 0 (zero) cases are they connected to the internet.  The ones at the office are used only for meeting room displays, while one at home has an AppleTV, and the other connects only to an antenna.   What I'm saying is, depending upon how these stats are looked at, the field for AppleTV could be far...
Just as long as it has an "off" switch. When I am a PASSENGER in a car, I'd be super ticked off if my phone suddenly disabled my ability to text (or any other function).
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