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 There are real advantages to using iPads - platform maturity, quality, reliability, touch response (whereas 'surface' rates poorly), etc. Proper device management?  Oh, you mean all the stuff you can do through group policy in Windows to make the devices on the domain basically unusable?  Or you could have proper device management (of your choice) that works: http://www.apple.com/ipad/business/it/management.html  A good MDM product example: http://www.mobileiron.com/
Standard corp. IT stupidity. Consider it an indicator of a company in decline. I can relate. Our company is moving headlong into the IT dept.'s "all Windows utopia" wet dream, while our competitors are embracing iDevices, Android stuff (whatever), Linux, and other modern technologies. The insanity attitude is starting to show in the long term viability dept.
They're taking the X-Box approach - lose money on every unit sold for however long it takes to break even (maybe).  "Come hell or high water, dammit we're going to keep selling these things!"
Let that be a lesson to all.  Liberals like Senator Franken are never happy.  You could invent a secure mechanism even God couldn't crack, and Al Franken still wouldn't be satisfied.  For folks like that, it's not about security, it's about control - and a desire to hear themselves talk...     TouchID is a convenience Al, not the be-all, end-all to security.  And it's optional, you don't have to use it.  But, due to the convenience of it, people who aren't using any...
How do you fight the shameless theft Samesung perpetuates? Stop buying their shit. I for one have halted all purchases of Samsung products at my company's division (I'm in IT). Lawyers are useless. The power of the purse decides all matters these days, including morality. Since Samsung obviously has little or no morality, they won't do the right thing, but you can exercise your moral objection with your wallet - something they will (eventually) understand. Spread the word.
It's like the neighborhood dealer - "I'll be your friend".  "The first hit's free".
Apple needs to stick this out and keep up innovation on the Mac.  The decline in sales is temporary, and here's why:   People are holding out.  I want to buy a new MacBook myself, but the slow pace of innovation has kept me waiting.  Intel hasn't had significant performance jumps in CPUs/chipsets for years.  Until Haswell, there's been no compelling reason to upgrade.  As for MacOSX, my opinion is that Apple's best OS was 10.6 and they "broke" it with 10.7.  MacOSX...
I'm not holding my breath.
Very true, and an iOS app already exists, and it should be coming to AppleTV soon too. Although for me, the TWC app defeats the point of a streaming box. All it is, is "cable tv" over the Internet. You have to be a TWC customer (basic cable or better) to access all these "channels" with the app (service). So you're paying for cable tv service you don't need, essentially paying for tv just like with cable so all the "stations" can advertise at you even though you're paying...
There are lies, damn lies, and then there are statistics. I think the survey is flawed, considering the installed base of Roku players is about 1/3 that of AppleTV. But let's take this at face value for a minute... As people say about brick-and-mortar stores, "location, location, location", so it is (or may become) with media, "content, content, content". I have set up and used both Roku and Apple devices. AppleTV is the more robust, better quality (hardware, interface,...
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