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Oh, oh. Me too!!
So, are we saying there are only 42mil internet capable TVs that have been sold, or 42mil in use?   Between the office and home, I've personally purchased 4 such TV sets, and in 0 (zero) cases are they connected to the internet.  The ones at the office are used only for meeting room displays, while one at home has an AppleTV, and the other connects only to an antenna.   What I'm saying is, depending upon how these stats are looked at, the field for AppleTV could be far...
Just as long as it has an "off" switch. When I am a PASSENGER in a car, I'd be super ticked off if my phone suddenly disabled my ability to text (or any other function).
ROFL. Oh, dang, is Obama upset? And I thought selfies were his thing... I don't like either party, so I'm enjoying watching this play out - poetic justice in progress.
Wake me up when it doesn't require an Office 365 subscription... zzzzzzz.
Each box has it's own strengths, but Apple could dominate this segment if they just had the willpower.  They are on the cusp of "insane greatness" with the ATV, but as the many comments bear out, there are tiny missing features (particularly opening it up to 3rd parties like with iDevices) that hobble the ATV just enough to leave the market wide open for competitors such as Roku.  If Apple doesn't quickly wake up and take the ATV seriously (drop this "hobby" mentality) I'm...
Huh? There must be a serious lack of information here (details). I don't see how this protects anything. Raise your hand if anyone here can't tell the difference between your browser's toolbars and a web site. How does this prevent anyone from spoofing Chase's web site, or any other web site? Apple doesn't control the other end.
Let's see... It's been over 2 years since Steve announced the plan to build the Apple 'spaceship' campus, and they're just now getting through regulatory approval? And Apple is a multi-billion dollar company with teams of experts in real estate, construction, and law. Why does anyone do business in California anymore?
 There are real advantages to using iPads - platform maturity, quality, reliability, touch response (whereas 'surface' rates poorly), etc. Proper device management?  Oh, you mean all the stuff you can do through group policy in Windows to make the devices on the domain basically unusable?  Or you could have proper device management (of your choice) that works: http://www.apple.com/ipad/business/it/management.html  A good MDM product example: http://www.mobileiron.com/
Standard corp. IT stupidity. Consider it an indicator of a company in decline. I can relate. Our company is moving headlong into the IT dept.'s "all Windows utopia" wet dream, while our competitors are embracing iDevices, Android stuff (whatever), Linux, and other modern technologies. The insanity attitude is starting to show in the long term viability dept.
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