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...and if a group of 'white' students (or Asian, or Indian, or any other group) with backpacks acting 'suspicious' in a store were asked to leave, there would be no headline at all.
California's drought problem is man made, not "climate change" made.  The climate in CA is about the same as it's been for the past 200 years.  All the libtards in CA failed to develop and expand adequate water supply infrastructure for the ever-increasing population there.
Why fusion?  Because we'll eventually run out of petroleum products ("fossil fuels") to burn - unless that obscure theory that the earth's core generates more petro actually proves accurate.  It's important to save as much of this resource as possible for use in other products (plastics, lubricants, etc.).  Petro is the most efficient energy source we currently have.  It is being abused and wasted in some places (like China) but it's not warming the planet. Fusion and...
Looks like Cook has fully bought into the "climate change" (formerly known as global warming) hoax, and other progressive agendum that's damaging societies around the globe...     Wonder if he's ever considered the irony of plowing down hundreds of acres of trees & plants to install solar panels (using their data center in my back yard in NC as an example).  Wonder how that "equal rights" stuff (formerly known as immorality) is working out for them in the Middle...
Don't care what WallStreet thinks. They're a bunch of monkeys anyway. Isn't going to make any difference in how Apple is run (hopefully Tim doesn't really pay attention to those clowns).     Apple is doing well financially, but from a real business point of view (as in practical product manufacturing and user adoption) there are some concerns, including the misses with 16GB iPhones, new AppleTVs without 4k support, iMacs with 5400rpm drives, neutering the Mac mini, no...
Maybe that's because Michael Bromwich is a paid shill, a political hit man.  I wouldn't cooperate with him either.   ...Way to go Feds - attacking Apple for daring to make the market an even playing field and ending the Amazon monopoly - where suppliers could actually set the pricing they want to sell their products for (free enterprise) by making it profitable, but instead you hand over a true monopoly, which is now a more powerful one, to Amazon.  Way to go.
Hexacore? Not. I believe Apple will eventually add more cores, but for now, why? Their dual-core chips spank the competition's octocore chips, so it's unnecessary. Better to keep the design simpler and more power efficient. Since Apple does their own chip design, there is no reason they can't do something like move to a triple core design. They've already done that with the GPU portion of the X chips.
A 2560x1440 resolution on a 4-5" device is just insane.  Waste of processing power to push that many pixels the human eye can't discern (at that size) anyway.
I have no interest in a bundle.  Both Apple and the Networks are out-to-lunch.  I've already cut the cord.  Hello Networks, I'm already NOT viewing your content, partially because your content stinks, and partially because the Cable TV bundle model is insanely overpriced ("150 channels of crap").   I would be interested in an a-la-cart model, where each "channel" would cost somewhere between $2.99 to 4.99 per month.  I would choose the ones I want, which is good for me,...
"CNBC analyst" = paid media schill. Nothing private about anything Cook said. Nothing he said has any material basis anyway (no financial figures).
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