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So, stop bitching about Apple, and fix the tax code.  The problem is the Govt. not the companies they're trying to vilify.  Any company who isn't using every legal means to avoid paying tax isn't acting with due diligence.
  Agreed.  Batteries in devices in checked luggage are a very serious, and a real concern.  Especially with laptops that frequently fail to go to sleep when the lid is closed, and are shoved into a suitcase with a bunch of clothing.  The fire risks in checked luggage are high, and getting higher all the time.  People really need to be educated to not check luggage that contains anything with a battery.
Electronic devices, even malfunctioning ones, have never caused a plane crash, and likely never will.   It's simple.  Those that actually know something about electrical engineering, know that any electronic device can cause EMI, but also know that aircraft are shielded to reject such interference.  If an EMI spewing device affects an aircraft, then it has a serious shielding problem that needs to be fixed asap.   Airlines are now replacing books with iPads in...
Why?  Leave it alone.  This is not the role of Govt.  Let the free market take care of the problem, all this bill will do is muck up the works.  We're already heading in a a-la-cart direction - it's called the internet.  How about this - kill the bill that's seeking to tax the internet.
I like Pixelmator.  Now they just need some more features, non-destructive editing, and additional apps that can replace Illustrator, InDesign, and Dreamweaver.
Underground store, not at the top of a tall hill, big hole mostly covered with glass...  Was wondering when this would happen...
Translation: "We want free reign to rip off anybody we want, but we don't want to share any of our standards-essential IP."
  No, that's not what I said.  Try reading it again.  I guess you missed the irony of people who complained about iPhone size buying Android phones 1" or larger than the original iPhone.
Actually I think Apple should make 2 new models of iPhone:   The first one should be a 4.5" screen the same resolution as the iPhone 5.  This will make the images on the screen a bit larger for people who have trouble seeing the tiny tiny text on the current models.  This can be done without significantly increasing the overall size of the device (smaller bezels).   The second should be a 3" screen with the same resolution as the 1st couple of generations of...
What's really funny is all the iPhone detractors who criticized the original iPhone when it came out, as being too big - with comments like "who on earth is going to hold something that big up to their ear?" Well, back at ya!
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