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OMG, hell has frozen over. Quick, grab your ice skates! I am genuinely impressed by this, but I'm going to temper my enthusiasm with a bit of "I'll believe it when I see it." I hope this isn't one of M$'s "Embrace, Extend, Extinguish" attempts.
I think this is an awesome move. It gives me a glimmer of hope that someone at HP might be developing a bit of vision. I'm an IT admin, and in my book, HP is king of the server market, but they have languished in the consumer space... continually lackluster consumer products and failed strategies if you ask me. But the prospects of WebOS on an HP tablet gives me great hope. I had already written off any HP tablets because of their dependence on Windows... Let's face...
They way I read this is that Apple is going to vigorously defend their revolutionary products and hard work in regards to the device(s) that have redefined what a phone, music player, reader, etc. is. They got scr3w3d by M$ ripping off MacOS the last time, and I don't think they're going to let that happen again.
The issue is not about whether Flash or HTML5 can play back a H.264 encoded video most efficiently... It's about all the other crap (some pretty cool stuff) that Flash does so inefficiently. There are times where I observe CPU ramp up in the 90% range just having a web page sitting open that has Flash content doing nothing... no interaction, no video playing, just some of those obnoxious Flash advertising animations in the background. An other issue is Flash...
I know that it's in Apple's best interests to keep illegal, malware, and bug ridden software out of their store, but just because they don't like something, or think it provides little value is way too arbitrary. And who are they to decide what is of value? A particular product may be of great value to someone who needs or wants it, even if Apple doesn't think so. This is not how you build developer or customer interest in your platform. Not smart Apple.
I don't 'hate' flash as much as some other folks seem to, but it truly is a resource hog on any platform - more so on MacOS X, but still a hog anywhere. Flash has been abused by the advertising industry, but so will the next technology. The reason I like the idea of HTML 5 is simply the nature of open standards. Develop anything (video, animation, etc.) you want in whatever program you want to use, save it as a H.264 video file, and deploy. Easy. Works everywhere. ...
That is disappointing if true. There is something fun about bragging rights, and I would really like to see their custom silicone kick butt over everything else, but it really doesn't matter - if the iPad does what it's supposed to do and does it well, who cares what CPU/GPU it has? I would say it's not as big of a deal what kind of processors special purpose devices have compared to general computing devices.
Okay, maybe on the Mac mini, but I'd rather see two mini-DisplayPort connectors (w/audio) and an included mDP -> HDMI adapter on all their machines. Choose a standard (DisplayPort), stick with it, and provide adapters for everything else (HDMI, DVI, VGA, component, composite).
heath.gerlock is also correct. A one-size data plan does not fit all.
The answer to this is simple. Carriers need to begin a shift in their business models. Everything will migrate entirely to data in the [near] future. It's time for carriers to move their voice services to VoIP and start shifting bandwidth allocation from voice to data. Lower the prices on traditional voice "minutes" while simultaneously raising rates on "data" plans. Essentially customers' bills will remain the same, but carriers will be applying the revenue to...
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