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So, yea, an iPad update would be cool. As per some other comments... It really does need a camera (at least front facing) as FaceTime would be a killer app - I'm waiting on this one feature before buying an iPad for mom. It doesn't really need the hi-res camera from the iPhone 4; the 'HD' cam from the iPod Touch would be sufficient as people aren't really going to be carrying around an iPad with the intent to take pictures with it. That would be awkward and...
It's all rumor (and it's been going on for a long time). However, if it proves to be correct, and a new "iTV" device lacks 1080p output/playback it would be a failed product level mistake. I would be incredibly disappointed in Apple for building such a disaster, and it would definitely not make it to my 'to buy' list.
Yes, I do know that. But, it would mean a portion (however small it may be) of my money would be going to M$ if I bought a netbook now. That's unaccepable to me. But that's not all. OEMs had incentive to come up with cool new ideas and apps for Linux on the desktop, but now that progress has stopped due to the Windoze takeover. Linux still progresses, but if it had been allowed to prosper on netbooks, the market for Linux based software could have exploded. Let's...
Exactly! PC OEMs were foolish to let M$ trick them into bungling Windoze again. I too was *this* close to buying a netbook, but at the moment Lenovo released the model with the exact feature set I wanted, it was released with Winblows only instead of Linux. So I said 'sorry, no thanks.' I've been doing without an ultra-portable device for over a year now because of this, and I'm happy to report that my $ will be going to a new iPad next month. I guess in a way I...
I have no problem with Apple wanting to make sure a subscription model works well, or even trying to break up the idea of subscriptions (like per song purchases). The only thing is, they should have had their ducks in a row before they opened the store. This issue is just more fodder for complaints against Apple (bad PR), and makes them look incompetent, or like jackasses.
Hell yea!
I hate glossy screens. The best upgrade Apple could do here (and with everything they make that has a screen) is provide a matte screen option.
Sure, other phone experience attenuation, but Apple has the unique problem of having the actual metal surface of the antenna exposed. iPhone4 more than attenuates, the signal actually gets shorted if you bridge the gap in antennas with any part of your hand. This is a minor problem. Apple can easily fix it by coating the metal bands with a thin, non-conductive coating. So yes, all phones have some issues, but Apple's issue is different, and they are still being...
No, and yes. No, I will never use an ad-supported OS on my computers. I would switch to Linux first. Yes, this sounds like a good idea for public access computers, or to block a patent grab by other companies.
Yea, there are whiners. But the big problem came not because of the minor problem with the iPhone 4, but rather it's due to the piss-poor job of Apple's response to the issue.
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