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Inaccuracies.  Couple of things, Apple designs their own custom CPUs based on the ARM architecture, not based on what Samsung is doing (even though Samsung makes ARM chips too).  Apple partners with Samsung to fabricate the Apple designed chips, currently using Samsung's 45nm fabrication process.  It's important to note these are not based on a chip design by Samsung.  Yes, there is a huge difference in meaning...  Also, Apple is working with other fabs to build these...
I don't care for this idea...  1. I like the separation between me and the genius.  2. The kids section is one of the best features of the Apple store.  If it weren't there, it's unlikely that I would visit Apple stores very often unless I absolutely had to.
Oops.  Yea, Chrome has a boo boo, but the thing that's worse is that an app was able to crash MacOS X.  Apple obviously still has some work to do with OS stability.  In this day and age, that should not have happened.
No worries, they'll release the Lumina "909" to solve that problem.  Nothing you can do about those who own a 900 though.  :)
If only that were the case...  Visiting apple.apple is no more certain than visiting apple.com.  If you go to apple.com now, you "know" you're going to Apple.  More TLDs would be just as susceptible to DNS poisoning as things are now.  Not to mention that most people don't pay attention to the web address, they just click on any old link they see.
Methinks that while 4s sales will taper off a bit due to the level of customer demand, overall it will remain strong despite a new model coming out.  The 4s just might become one of 2 models of iPhone.  Apple will probably now have 2 models (or sizes) of iPhones, like they do with MacBooks, iMacs, etc. - a 3.5" and a new 4".  That will keeps sales of the 4s going for some time.   Of course Apple could repackage the 4s as a "3.5" iPhone 5" to companion the "4" iPhone...
Let's see if Samsung will be willing to stop ripping off Apple's designs, and then maybe they can enchance their relationship for mutual benefit.
Complete bunk.     How about this:  Apple will continue to increase its share as they roll out new devices and software.  Android will stay even or maybe contract a little bit.  It's hard to tell since there are a plethora of devices for clueless people to choose from (quality and fragmentation be damned), so Android will continue to be a big player for quite some time.     RIM will go the way of the dinosaur, and Win Phone 7 will no longer exist, because M$ will...
These specs are completely believable.  Apple is well known for releasing less-than-stellar updates.  Their quality is excellent, and the upgrade is reasonable, but it's not really exciting at all.  At a bare minimum they should ship it with a 1440x900 screen - a 1280x800 one is just soooo lame.  Glad to see Firewire is retained - it's still very useful (and a lot cheaper than Thunderbolt). Needs more RAM and a 7200-rpm drive.
Greenpeace has supporters?  Now that's news!   I guess you can find any idiot to sign a petition - apparently 215,000 of them.
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