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Underground store, not at the top of a tall hill, big hole mostly covered with glass...  Was wondering when this would happen...
Translation: "We want free reign to rip off anybody we want, but we don't want to share any of our standards-essential IP."
  No, that's not what I said.  Try reading it again.  I guess you missed the irony of people who complained about iPhone size buying Android phones 1" or larger than the original iPhone.
Actually I think Apple should make 2 new models of iPhone:   The first one should be a 4.5" screen the same resolution as the iPhone 5.  This will make the images on the screen a bit larger for people who have trouble seeing the tiny tiny text on the current models.  This can be done without significantly increasing the overall size of the device (smaller bezels).   The second should be a 3" screen with the same resolution as the 1st couple of generations of...
What's really funny is all the iPhone detractors who criticized the original iPhone when it came out, as being too big - with comments like "who on earth is going to hold something that big up to their ear?" Well, back at ya!
That depends on how you define "winning".  In terms of the sheer number of devices that run Android, including those that don't even qualify as a smartphone or tablet, then sure.  In terms of quality, no.  In terms of ecosystem, no.  In terms of profitability, no.  In terms of usability (i.e. stability, UI issues, fragmentation), no.  What we have here is just a new decade's version of lipstick on a pig.
Yes and no.  Apple does some things other companies don't, and there is nothing wrong with that, but it's not because other companies are necessarily 'afraid' to do the same.  To the contrary, this is evidence that Apple still clearly doesn't understand the enterprise.  Eliminating 'legacy' parts in computers may be fine for consumers, but businesses still need to purchase systems that are compatible with decades-old technology.   As an IT Admin, it is now becoming...
The real reasons desktop computer shipments are down:   1. It's the economy, stupid. 2. Tablets and lower cost computers are good enough for most purposes. 3. Apple has already supplied most of the all-in-ones that anyone is going to buy. 4. Apple still hasn't built the desktop computer that people really want.
I don't think it's so much "rising costs of print" as it is people just aren't buying printed items much anymore.  I for one haven't purchased a printed magazine in years.  I get all my info electronically now.
Of course it won't undercut the iPad price, because nobody can build one for less unless they want to lose money on every device sold...  And M$ may still lose money on every one of these they sell - we don't yet know the full cost (not just materials) of these tablets.   It will be interesting to watch what happens though. I don't begrudge M$ any success they have with it - because they at least designed a product that is not a blatant rip-off of the iPad, which is...
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