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In order for me to spend any money on an Apple Television, it would have to be a minimum of 55", full 1080p (or higher, like 2k), and cost right around $1500.  Offering more that one size is also a good idea, and 42" is way too small these days.   Right now I can get a decent full 1080p LED lit 55" for less than $1500 and plug a $99 AppleTV box into it and be happy as a peach.  Apple will really have to bring something really amazing to the table, or it will be a big...
So, Apple, make a FaceTime app for Android and Windows, and then you can still control access while opening up and making FaceTime the de facto industry standard - maybe make the requirement for it to work be that the individual set up an iCloud account...
http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/ http://www.libreoffice.org/   problem solved
$40 for which one of about a dozen versions?
Who cares?
Translation:  "We've never been able to come up with anything on our own, and never will, therefore we'll just copy everything Apple does and claim ours is original and/or better."
Inaccuracies.  Couple of things, Apple designs their own custom CPUs based on the ARM architecture, not based on what Samsung is doing (even though Samsung makes ARM chips too).  Apple partners with Samsung to fabricate the Apple designed chips, currently using Samsung's 45nm fabrication process.  It's important to note these are not based on a chip design by Samsung.  Yes, there is a huge difference in meaning...  Also, Apple is working with other fabs to build these...
I don't care for this idea...  1. I like the separation between me and the genius.  2. The kids section is one of the best features of the Apple store.  If it weren't there, it's unlikely that I would visit Apple stores very often unless I absolutely had to.
Oops.  Yea, Chrome has a boo boo, but the thing that's worse is that an app was able to crash MacOS X.  Apple obviously still has some work to do with OS stability.  In this day and age, that should not have happened.
No worries, they'll release the Lumina "909" to solve that problem.  Nothing you can do about those who own a 900 though.  :)
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