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AT&T *hopes* all tablets will eventually include cellular radios standard.  They could be right, but I'm guessing that the end result will be *most* tablets will have cellular radios, but there will always be a low cost WiFi only model somewhere for the price conscious consumers.
Ridiculous.  1. iTunes does not have a large enough share to be considered a monopoly. 2. The only people who win here are the lawyers.
Nice try.  Not compelling enough to want to switch, plus I just don't trust M$.  Apple could learn a thing or two about some features iCloud lacks though.
Don't be 'livid' at Apple, be livid at the US tax code and the whack-job politicians that put it in place.   The tax rate in the US should be flat - 15% for everyone (corporations & individuals) across the board regardless of income.  No silliness, no exceptions, etc. etc. etc.  Simple, nothing to deduct, nothing to exempt, nothing to account for.  Tax return form should be the size of a post-card.
I imagine that will be appealed.  AFIK it was Apple & Lucent that created WiFi in the first place, so I don't know how Moto would have any patents on it... Of course I don't know the whole history of that standard's development.
Good luck with that.
Apple, why even respond? Greenpeace has no credibility. By saying anything in response, you provide them a platform... Just ignore the imbeciles.
Boneheads. There is nothing wrong with burning coal to generate power. It is done extremely clean and safely these days. Coal can help provide energy independence for this country - we have tons of it. I would like to see the number of coal fired power plants quadruple, and an increase in the production of petroleum by squeezing shale. Greenpeace can kiss my posterior and go crawl back under the rock where they came from. Apple should build several more data...
Most CIOs aren't likely to read this forum, but they still have a bit of learning to do. I'm an IT admin where I work, and I know about the costs of supporting multiple platforms. If some CIOs are claiming it still costs more to put Macs in their enterprise, then they're doing it wrong. I run a small dept. with about 80 desktops/laptops and a dozen or so servers. About 6 of those machines are Macs. The initial cost of most of them was less than the PCs (they're Mac...
Based on those preliminary comments, any bets that the media will spin this as one of "those big evil corporations" are taking advantage of workers, blah, blah, blah stories?... Now if there are working conditions in China that are poor, then well, it would be good to have them improved, but one has to remember a number of things: 1. That's China's problem, not the US', not Apple's. 2. These workers are raking in the dough and living quite well by China standards,...
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