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I wouldn't put any stock in that rumor. What nonsense. I expect only an iPad 3 in 2012, and my guess would be some time in July or later.
$299.00? Not likely! I got a good chuckle from that though... Okay, so maybe, just maybe we'll see the iPad 2 for $399 once the iPad 3 ships, but we might be even more likely to see the iPad 2 remain at $499 and the iPad 3 show up at $599 for the entry model.
That'll backfire. It's unrealistic. Imagine if every country in the world demanded local plants/factories be built in order to sell a product there - it's unsustainable, there's just too many countries on the globe to make that work. That's counterproductive to international trade. Do they not understand all the businesses they're hurting in their country by blocking sales of any particular item? ...Of course if Argentina follows through on this idea, what will...
To say HP doesn't see a "value proposition" in TB doesn't carry much weight - after all, this is the company that almost scrapped their entire company's "value proposition" when they announced the idea of spinning off their PC division. While I think TB offers great value, I don't think TB will "greatly affect" adoption of USB-3 as a competing standard - this is the "PC" market we're talking about after all. The name of the game is "as cheap as humanly possible, and...
I'm sure iPhone activations are pretty high too, but most likely, in all reality, they're not going to be as high as Android, since they're not matching the sheer volume of devices the numerous Android mfgs are cranking out. Of course Apple shouldn't crank out as many devices as the Droid people, cause that just leads to fragmentation and instant obsolescence. But, IMHO Apple has failed to produce enough variety of devices to satisfy the number of customers that they...
Apparently Google is the new Microsoft. Obviously, once again they're copying Apple, but now they're taking pages right out of the M$ playbook - "ah, but we'll have one of those in 6 months too!" (Always 6mo - 1yr away.)
It used to be "Redmond, start your photocopiers!" Now it's become "Mountian View and Seoul, start your photocopiers!" It's like two of the bad kids in class copying off the test of the smart kid. Do your own work!
IDC is probably out to lunch. But if Apple wants to ensure iAd's success, they could always offer more enticing terms...
No, he has a good point. It's a valid comparison (accurate I'd say), and we are critiquing Schmidt here.
The question one has to ask is: "Do I want GoogleTV in my TV?" For me the answer is hell no. I just want a high quality big-ass screen that's as dumb as a brick. All it needs is 1 HDMI and component inputs. I will provide the content myself, thank you.
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