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  Why be separate products? For the thousands of Dollars a 32" 4K Cinema Display will cost, they might as well throw in AppleTV functionality.   I do expect a 4K Cinema Display (possibly based on the Sharp panel) but I think it's still a little bit too early. Although it would be a hell of a splash to introduce along with the new Mac Pro.
I don't know what would be involved on a technical level, but I'd be happy if the next Mac Pro could accept regular graphics cards. As opposed to needing the super secret, double special Apple versions of graphics cards.   Obviously this would only work for cards where Mac drivers are available. Still, it would be nice to put any 5770 (or whatever) in, instead of needing the special version. Now that even PCs are abandoning BIOS, it seems like it should be possible.
I just want a machine with desktop parts. Not a Xeon workstation, not a laptop on a stick. Not a Mac Pro, a Mac Mini, or an iMac.   Just a Mac. I want a regular Mac. They should look at it as payback for us getting them through the 90s.
I'll speculate on something more advanced. AuthenTec was pitching a new technology. Fingerprint scanners have been around for a while. They pitched it to some of the following companies Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Fujitsu, HBO, HP, Lenovo, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Orange, Samsung, Sky, and Texas Instruments who all turned it down. According to the article because of the cost of developing it. If it's that pricey I expect it to be quite new engineering.   So here's my guess:...
I'll take the far side of the speculation. Two iPhones. One 3.5-3.8" with the same resolution as now. That's the largest they can go without losing their self-imposed retina definition. And one that bumps it to 4.8" at 1280 x 1920 just to be the baddest phone on the block. Starting at $299 with contract.
Just don't hold it that way.
I don't have cable or satellite, so I really don't care what Apple does on the content side. As long as it has Netflix and iTunes, I'm set. In a perfect world it would also support Amazon Prime, but that probably won't happen. If Apple does something fancy on the tuner side, I could be convinced to put an antenna on the roof. But I'm not going back to paying $50+ per month for all the shit that's on cable. The only thing I could be convinced to pay for monthly would be...
Nokia had a billion reasons to go WP7. I'm sure that made the decision easier.
If they put a HD6950M in the top end, I'll basically have to buy it.
As the old saying goes: "Unix for programming, Mac for productivity, Windows for Solitaire." (i.e. gaming) Now you can have all three in one machine. How cool is that?
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