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 This. My brother in law is a cop in a suburban town, and he says it's pretty routine to request access to Facebook, Google, etc during an investigation in cases involving suicide, pedophiles, un-solved murders, etc.  I wonder/assume if these count when they're tallying up the number of government requests.
 1.  Ummm... yes, millions (as mstone also pointed out). For about a decade, Flash was the defacto standard, and many vids will never be upgraded.  Even YouTube has tons of videos that will not work in HTML5. 2.  Not really, if you knew how little I have to resort to using Chrome. :-)  Essentially, I use Google Chrome for surfing Google properties, period. 3.  The problem with Click to Flash is that it advertises that Flash is installed.  And I don't want sites counting my...
I've resolved the Flash problem by uninstalling it altogether.  So Flash never consumes resources or slows down my computer.  :-)   If I do need to view a YouTube video (i.e. the older ones that doesn't yet support HTML5), then I switch to Google Chrome just for that page. Once done, I quit Chrome and go back to Safari.
  Yes, your argument mirrors exactly what's happening to the real world. Let's see... Android = open : and we have rampant viruses and malware. iOS = closed : no known malware, beyond a couple proof-of-concept things like from Charlie Miller. Open source wins!  Yup, sounds like you should get an Android, where you can get your root access...   Kidding aside, if you're truly worried about something like the NSA, then you really shouldn't have any smartphone at all. OR a...
  Relying on case-sensitivity of the file system as a security precaution is like worrying if the burglar is going to break into your house by sneaking down the chimney.  Fact is, there are sooo many other open windows to worry about and lock down, that the chimney becomes insignificant.  Not to mention, a real hacker isn't going to be fooled or slowed-down or bothered whether the FS is case-sensitive or not.  And any exploit that breaks because it hits a case-sensitive FS...
These tests are deeply flawed on several levels.   But my biggest complaint is– why is shutdown used as a benchmark?!  How often does anyone even shut their phone off?    Are you going to use that as a comparison with your Android friend, "yeah, my phone will totally smoke yours in shutting down!"
 Honestly, the Pro version is targeted at a pretty small subset of users; mainly large corporate IT departments who are deploying VM's to users.  Those features (except for linked clones) are things that wouldn't even appeal to regular users.  So, I think the cost for Pro is reasonable. However, I will say that as someone who relies on VMware daily, I wished the 'linked clones' feature was included in the regular version.
    Yes, of course, you'll get more money if you sell your old iPhone privately!  That's what I've done with every iPhone I've had-- sold on Craigslist, and often completely offsets the cost of the new one.   However, many (most?) people don't want to bother with the hassle with all that (and yes, it *is* a hassle).  My dad, for example, would rather throw the old one in a drawer than go threw the trouble of selling it online.  But he certainly be up for a trade-in!  It's...
  That's an interesting idea, actually.    The only thing I don't like is the foreverness of it-- many every day drugs we all rely on (aspirin and ibuprofen, for example) would've cost exorbitantly more than it costs now.  And I suspect even the 'expensive' brands would cost substantially more if they didn't have to compete at some level with the generics.  That's just one small example, but otherwise I generally like the idea of "use it or lose it".
News of his retirement is so disappointing... Ballmer's tenure has been very good for Apple. :-)
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