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    Not that I doubt that you're experiencing that personally, but I have four different Macs at home (an iMac, a 11" MacBook Air, and two MacBook Pro's) and haven't experienced any of those symptoms on any of them.   Just sayin'... maybe there's an issue with your computer, specifically?   -Rick
    I usually say, "My apologies, but I only know how to describe your problem in technical terms: Something is F@#$ up with your computer.  My apologies for the techno-speak."   Get's a laugh every time.
I think this Steam Box is going to be competing against traditional gaming consoles (Playstation, Xbox, Wii), not AppleTV as mentioned in the article.  Just because it streams netflix doesn't mean it's in the same market.  Otherwise, that means that my AppleTV (which I love) is competing against my Samsung SmartTV, BluRay Player, and Playstation (all of which will stream Netflix).
    Actually, Firefox has been 64-bit on Mac (and on Linux) for a long time now!   Firefox on Windows is still stuck on 32-bit, which shows how difficult the transition has been for Microsoft.  Opps. :-)   Also curious, Google Chrome is still stuck on 32-bit.  Which is interesting because I think it reflects that when they decided to fork webkit so they can build their own sandboxing solution, it's proven to be more difficult to maintain than they probably anticipated. ...
          Haha!  1.6MHz is just a hair faster than an Apple II+!
  Marcel655, I understand perfectly well that sticking with iOS 5 it will be increasingly difficult to keep your other apps updated. Unnecessary insult aside; yes, I know that that's not a good thing.  However, this is a "you can't have your cake and eat it too" situation.  You have to decide what's best for you; BUT... you can't have both.  It's as simple as that.   This is no different than any other upgrade for any OS platform.  People were complaining bitterly when...
  Re: bolded--   It was well documented that the new Apple Maps was loosing streetview.  If this is a critical feature for you; frankly, you shouldn't have upgraded.  Period. End of story.  Apple isn't forcing anyone to upgrade.  If you stuck with iOS 5, it would've performed exactly as it did the day before.   It's getting tiring listening to a few people gripe about the lack of streetview.  Two words: don't upgrade.  The new Maps represents the biggest change in iOS,...
  Two comments:    1.  Facetime voice quality is surprisingly better and more clear than a regular cellular call.  Switching makes the voice quality sound like it's going from talking in a tin can (AT&T) to nice clear distinct sound.  A few times, me and the person I'm talking with simply put the phone down (so if you're looking at the screen, all you see is ceiling, or black (if the back camera is activated)).  The call quality is that much better.      2.  When I need...
yeah, RIM tried that tactic when they promoted their "Playbook", calling the iPad a toy compared to theirs.    ...   Didn't work out too well for them either.
I just love how all these companies define "unlimited" by some specific amount. And no, reaching that threshold and throttling you down to slower-than-modem speeds (making even getting mail painful) doesn't count as unlimited, sorry.
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