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Just great, Apple ruins everything... again.    iTunes.net used to be my home page.  Now where am I supposed to find "what I need, when I need it"?
    it seems like you answered why Apple isn't supporting non-64bit ROM machines.  ;-)
OMG! OMG!! Apple is working on iOS 6?! I can't believe it!
Boy, that sure has never happened at every single company I ever worked for!
I don't use Twitter, I don't have Google+, I do have a Facebook account, but rarely log on (about once a month). However, even I see the trend is social networking use is accelerating, not decreasing. And it's not going to stop any time in the near future. Why? Because people just looove sharing the mundane details of their lives. I came to this realization when standing in line one day last spring; the person beside me was checking their Facebook on their phone. The...
Sounds like you need to upgrade to Windows with a good anti-virus program. I for one am a Window IT administrator by day, I can't wait to get home and use my antivirus-free Mac at night!
I bet the limitation is physical. Because T-Mobile operates at a higher frequency, the antenna design on the iPhone would have to be adjusted, which would compromise it's performance at lower frequencies. And put simply, Apple doesn't want to do that.
Really? You do realize that it's a one inch screen right? This is a tiny (bordering on too small) device that's dedicated to basically do one thing--music. Watching a movie on a one inch screen? Trying to view a calendar? Your post implies you don't have one. All those features are for the iPhone/iPod Touch. I'm glad Apple still offers iPods, as I don't like to exercise with my iPhone (too big, bulky, heavy). Meanwhile, this is an AWESOME update, and so glad Apple...
I'm pretty sure if there was any Voice recognition, we'd have heard or seen evidence of it in some of the developer builds. It would be pretty difficult to get a feature like that working correctly across all apps, etc.
First, there is an adage that says to "use the right tool for the job". Apple being a consumer company, doesn't have any of the high-end software need to run a site on a scale like this, even despite MacOS running on Unix. This is no different than BMW, who make excellent cars, having to rely on trucks built by competitors to get their cars to dealers. Big whoop. For those who say "Windows cannot scale" don't know what they're talking about. Don't hold onto a common...
New Posts  All Forums: