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You would have to be out of your mind to believe anything from IDC. These idiots just make up junk. How they are still in business is a mystery to me.
Are you kidding .... what are we talking about maybe 1 minute or less. Every time I leave Costco they do the same thing. This is a stupid lawsuit. I hope it gets tossed. 
Gee .... if I didn't like something about my job I'd quit and get a job some place else. Hope these nit-wits lose and they have to pay legal fees to Apple.
The reason that the Apple exec's are selling is because after 1/1/2013 the capital gains tax goes up. Really nothing going on here. This is a NON-STORY.
I can't stand Greenpeace. They are just looking for some media time. Don't donate to them.
I can't believe that Apple would even respond to these idiots. Apple these nuts dont deserve any of your time. They just make up this crap. Forget about them and continue on the same path. It's a good one.
Really, who cares what Greenpeace says. At one time I thought they were doing something important , now they just make these stupid statements with these stupid charts. This group is a waste of everyones time. Go find a real cause to complain about.
compared to the any other factory job in China, it is. You need a reality reset. They dont live in the US, where every other joker whats to set the standard for the Chinese people.
Wow... more made-up stuff. I never understand why people just write junk that has no real bearing on the article. Apple is a BIG business, I'm sure they consult very good tax people in the UK on how to manage the tax bit. Nothing wrong with that. All big companies do that. If the amount is unfair then they should change the laws in the UK. THIS IS A NON STORY
No they don't. It states that it only works in the US and Canada.
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