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update - I put the old ram back in and all's well. So was it bad ram or the wrong kind? (it certainly wasn't the right kind for my unibody macbook, which is what i bought it for in the first place!)
thanks for the reply, I can't look at system profiler for obvious reasons, but I believe It's a 1.6 intel
Hi, can anyone help? I thought I'd followed this useful guide to the letter, but having put it back together my mini won't boot. The power light comes on but there's no chime and it just makes whirring noises. Could it be the ram - (Corsair DDR2, 667 MHz 2x 256Mx64 non-ECC 200 SODIMM, Unbuffered, CL4 (VSA4GSDSKIT667C4) - or am I more likely to have have damaged something important?
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