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Just wait till Apple turns on find my Mini
ME, Vista   XP   XP   August 24, 2001  more the 10 years old     Snow Leopard 43 percent, Lion 40 percent,
Name 2 crappy OS that microsoft wishes they never released.          Best version of windows ever released         which was the longest used windows OS and still holds almost half of all running installes           What is the install base of OSX
IT uses them because they don't feel like fixing crap all day long for themselfs they just work.....  
Yeah I'm delaying my next purchace,  until the damn things are in stock.... 
What are you smoking,   It does not want to give up windows because of job security...    If they install systems that just work, they will be unemployed.  
I take it to the Apple Store and they help fix it,   Where will i have to ship my surface for service.  What county will i call for support.  how many times a week will i have to install patches.  
Net books worked great these things should too right????
Hold on kids I know you want to play angry birds but dad has to install this great security app first to prevent spyware and viruses. Oh crap the browser has just been hijacked again, Why is this thing so slow. Darn rescan.exe using 99% CPU again,
Is today april 1st because this has to be the biggest joke MS has ever had.. 
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