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Good stuff – though unless I'm missing something, the masking is only cropping to a rectangle, not the ability to mask to any shape (as on iWork for Mac).
In related news: I know a guy under the bridge who'll let you 'trade up' your Glenfiddich single malt for his Night Train.
One comment: "Those people who incessantly bitched about Apple "neutering" iWork should humbly eat their words..." Well, as big an iWork fan as I am, I'd not necessarily blast all such complaints. If the new iWork suddenly dropped some favorite features, an honest complaint of "Hey, this $&#@ new version dropped some favorite features!" is just being, well, honest (and human : ). There really wasn't any warning from Apple about the losses, either, and that's not a good...
Not necessarily. Like everywhere else, Japan runs primarily on Windows PCs.
 Er, smart shoppers anywhere value honor, craftsmanship, and beauty. Nothing "Japanese people" about it. And here in Tokyo, there are plenty of people with big Samsung or similar phones. There are DoCoMo phones everywhere - which, until recently, were everything but iPhones. Samsung, LG, plenty of Japanese makes. There are all kinds of phones in people's hands on the trains: some pretty nice smartphones, lots of Samsung-y creaky plastic models, and still a fair showing of...
Methinks you're missing the point entirely. No one's saying it's an Excel bug. No one's saying Excel can't ad numbers.  The claim is that it's sloppy advertising work. It may have been created by an ad agency, but it got Microsoft's stamp of approval. Yeah, the error is trivial and silly, but as yet another little indication of Microsoft's sloppiness, it should be mocked far and wide.
 Simply put: No. Apple IS an American company. (Formally, in any case. Operationally, Apple is of course a global company, a multinational composed of people all over the world.) Apple's fanatical attention to amazing support originate in Apple's headquarters, with strong shaping by Steve Jobs. These points of origin are, by definition, not "Japanese." (Needless to say, fanatical attention to detail and amazing support can be found in companies and people outside of Apple...
  You're describing your impressions. The article is describing the result of large-scale testing. The article wins.     Macs are for engineering.
Interesting to see that Coke is what's beating Apple. John Sculley's thinking he should have stayed with sugar water after all. : )
Hey, Daniel! I hope you had fun wandering the streets of Tokyo. Please take one friendly correction: When you discuss street signs or anything else in Japanese, just call the language "Japanese". Not "Kanji". (For some explanation, see http://www.homejapan.com/2010/06/grumpy-guy-comment-kanji-is-not-language . Hmm, I see you have some good company in misusing "Kanji" - none other than Steve Jobs himself.)   Oh, and while I'm in a correcting mood: AppleInsider web...
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