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Let's see... Elop came to Nokia with an undisclosed agenda on behalf of Microsoft... wrecked Nokia to the point where Microsoft could scoop it up cheap... and now gets to leave both companies with a fat golden parachute. Mission accomplished, sir!   Microsoft, too, achieved its goals: It got a phone manufacturing unit at a fire-sale price (thanks to Stephen "Burning Platform" Elop!), with no one hurt except the employees of Nokia, their families, and their communities....
I agree absolutely. I'm so tired of Apple using WWDC to announce roadmaps and tools for so-called "developers".  I want the old days back, when WWDC focused entirely on the question "What's the kewl stuff that Yuck9 wants?" Oh, how Steve and Jony would scramble to create the next OS X release's "official Y9-approved" features! (The Sailor Moon screen savers of 2009 were particularly beautiful. Bravo!)
iFixIt? The nice people who publish how-to repair guides?  The "research" company referenced in the article is iSuppli, not iFixIt.
 And so you did – although it's "prestidigitation", and I think the word you actually want is "prognostication". (Then again, my usual form of communication is sub-Neanderthal grunting. Never mind me. : ) 
 But it sounds like you don't. Even with no difference at all in internals and functionality, a solid gold body means a huge price differential. No surprise there at all. I know, it may sound like a poor value to you or me or anyone who doesn't really care what metal the body is made of. But for anyone (and I understand this may not be you) who's dismayed and angered by Apple (presumably) offering a $5K or $10K watch, I say this: Yes, Apple's demanding a small fortune for...
 Shh. Don't give Jony ideas.
 I hope that's meant as an odd joke. Because attributing to "Tim Cook and Apple generally these days" a feature introduced by Steve Jobs in 2004 would be... well, about the norm for Apple-related comments these days, actually. : ( 
 Good point. I really like the new iMac and would love to own one, but there are additional pros and cons that aren't in this article. No surprise that Ars Technica would be the place to get the full story. (I can appreciate a simple summary-style overview too, as AI offers here, but I have to say: I didn't have high expectations for this review after seeing the incredibly lazy "Mac faithful" in the first sentence.)
Good stuff – though unless I'm missing something, the masking is only cropping to a rectangle, not the ability to mask to any shape (as on iWork for Mac).
In related news: I know a guy under the bridge who'll let you 'trade up' your Glenfiddich single malt for his Night Train.
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