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  You're describing your impressions. The article is describing the result of large-scale testing. The article wins.     Macs are for engineering.
Interesting to see that Coke is what's beating Apple. John Sculley's thinking he should have stayed with sugar water after all. : )
Hey, Daniel! I hope you had fun wandering the streets of Tokyo. Please take one friendly correction: When you discuss street signs or anything else in Japanese, just call the language "Japanese". Not "Kanji". (For some explanation, see http://www.homejapan.com/2010/06/grumpy-guy-comment-kanji-is-not-language . Hmm, I see you have some good company in misusing "Kanji" - none other than Steve Jobs himself.)   Oh, and while I'm in a correcting mood: AppleInsider web...
Get your head out of your Ballmer. The Korean Hangul alphabet was devised in 1443 ("recently", you say?), and is widely recognized as wonderfully innovative - the forms of the individual "letters" are actually related to phonology (i.e., to the shape of the mouth). You can count on one hand the number of natural writing systems with that feature. Hangul are NOT derived from Chinese characters. (Japanese kana syllables? Those ARE explicitly derived from Chinese characters,...
  Sorry. That was the best of the lot.
Apple: "Our focus is the customer. Our mission is to delight the customer."   Microsoft: "Our focus is Apple. Our mission is to compete with Apple."   Really, this says it all.
Seems that Apple's getting pretty good at solid*, on-time OS updates. ML is no huge overhaul of OS X, but features like Dictation, Gatekeeper, and AirPlay aren't trivial, either. Good work, and here's hoping for 10.9 a year later.   * "Solid" may not apply to all Lion users...
  Stockholm syndrome?   I agree, it's a real mystery. It should be clear, after around three decades: There are no Microsoft "partners". Only Microsoft victims.
  Yes. "Literally scared to death." Behold the corpses of Apple shareholders, slumped in front of computers around the world. Each with mouth drawn in a rictus of horror, forever frozen in silent scream.   "Inspector, it's as if they were… literally scared to death!" "Yes, Chief, I've seen this thing before. It was back during the Vista beta-testing…"
New Posts  All Forums: