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Of course the Microsoft Surface tablet has a keyboard.   How else are you going to hit ctrl-alt-del?
"Mac workplace penetration loosens Window's stranglehold on enterprise"   What is this "Window" that is strangling the enterprise?
  A lot of people are used to and like Windows.   And I agree, that alone is enough for a lot of people to stay with Windows.
Nonsense. Japan, like anywhere else, is a Microsoft-centric miniverse. Every single Japanese PC maker loads its machines with Windows. Big enterprises are based on Windows PCs and servers, with ActiveDirectory and Exchange and all the usual Windows-based middleware and applications. The Japanese government runs on Windows. Consumers use mostly Windows PCs. Internet Explorer is the most-used PC browser. The whole country happily trampled over home-grown productivity...
I need Japanese input, and that's one of the reasons I love me a software keyboard: the ability to use an instant keyboard custom-made for any language, not a mini QWERY clumsily pressed into non-English service. Even better, there are multiple input methods available for languages like Chinese and Japanese (simply because there are multiple ways to go about it, and users' preferences differ), and a software keyboard allows those choices too.   But I'm jealous of one...
For about five minutes, until we start using tags sarcastically / ironically.
And for the new Sony, will "tightly integrating hardware and software" still involve the same generic Windows and Android operating systems that are used by makers of the most bargain-priced, low-margin, nondescript devices out there?
The "Galapagos islands" meme is a recent one pushed by lazy press and by "consultants" who need to sell the message "everything here is so different that you can't possibly understand it without my help". But the truth is that here in Japan, markets work the same as everywhere else, and in the end, good products get noticed and find success. iPhones are by no means the only phones I see here in Tokyo, but they sure are a lot of them. (Still a lot of people hanging on to...
Will Screen Sharing in ML allow you to view another user account's desktop on your own Mac (not a remote one)? It would be useful to Screen Sharing open a window and, say, monitor downloads or other processes taking place under another user account, without having to switch back and forth between accounts. (Maybe this is already possible with Screen Sharing in Lion or earlier, but having done some searching, I haven't come across the method.)
@kotatsu: "Apple claims not to care about specs, but you can be sure a quad core GPU/GPU and high PPI screen will be all over the iPad 3 marketing materials" You don't seem to be familiar with Apple marketing materials. Apple will mention tech details like that, but in passing, and expressed in friendlier non-tech terms. Flogging technical spec minutiae is precisely what Apple leaves to the competitors – with great results for Apple.
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