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  Sorry. That was the best of the lot.
Apple: "Our focus is the customer. Our mission is to delight the customer."   Microsoft: "Our focus is Apple. Our mission is to compete with Apple."   Really, this says it all.
Seems that Apple's getting pretty good at solid*, on-time OS updates. ML is no huge overhaul of OS X, but features like Dictation, Gatekeeper, and AirPlay aren't trivial, either. Good work, and here's hoping for 10.9 a year later.   * "Solid" may not apply to all Lion users...
  Stockholm syndrome?   I agree, it's a real mystery. It should be clear, after around three decades: There are no Microsoft "partners". Only Microsoft victims.
  Yes. "Literally scared to death." Behold the corpses of Apple shareholders, slumped in front of computers around the world. Each with mouth drawn in a rictus of horror, forever frozen in silent scream.   "Inspector, it's as if they were… literally scared to death!" "Yes, Chief, I've seen this thing before. It was back during the Vista beta-testing…"
  Yeah, I get it. When I work with MS products, I always end up using a finger, too.
Of course the Microsoft Surface tablet has a keyboard.   How else are you going to hit ctrl-alt-del?
"Mac workplace penetration loosens Window's stranglehold on enterprise"   What is this "Window" that is strangling the enterprise?
  A lot of people are used to and like Windows.   And I agree, that alone is enough for a lot of people to stay with Windows.
Nonsense. Japan, like anywhere else, is a Microsoft-centric miniverse. Every single Japanese PC maker loads its machines with Windows. Big enterprises are based on Windows PCs and servers, with ActiveDirectory and Exchange and all the usual Windows-based middleware and applications. The Japanese government runs on Windows. Consumers use mostly Windows PCs. Internet Explorer is the most-used PC browser. The whole country happily trampled over home-grown productivity...
New Posts  All Forums: