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Hmm, they have the external optical drive for the Air; how about an external, cable-attached GPU?
A trivial tangent, but: The Nokia execs appear to follow the Microsoft way of filling every inch of a slide with clutter. Jobs would have that presentation designer's head.
iPhone?? The report title begins with "PC industry." That stands for "personal computer". Not "pocket communicator", "phone company", or "pretty cellie". 'K?
The headline would normally be understood (and very clearly so) to mean "Apple [is] forecast [by people who are not Apple] to sell 28M..." There's no problem here.
It's possible that a bad batch of some component appeared only in a run of Japan-bound iPod nanos. I have no such info and make no claim; just noting that it's possible.
Yes, it's a ridiculous stereotype. Don't ask me why, but people just LOVE that "the Japanese won't buy foreign products" nonsense. Like this from another commenter: "It has been almost impossible for any other non-Japanese company to be successful in this market. (I can't think of any other, TBH)." You've got to be joking, commenter! You don't even have to stray an arm's length from the topic at hand, computers. What's the near-universal PC OS used in Japan? Windows....
On the surface, this seems bad all around. I never imagined the huge, highly-visible chains like Yamada or Bic as undertaking shady practices with regard to Apple (or any) products; I wonder whether that's really part of the picture. Whatever the reason, this is bad for all of us buying Apple gear in Japan. The retailers typically offer a small price discount below Apple's prices, or points that equate to a nice discount, or both. As someone mentioned, some of the...
"Steve Jobs teams with Arnold Schwarzenegger to push organ donor registry" Boy, that sounds like a headline from The Onion until you realize that it makes perfect sense.
Is it any surprise that, when data finally becomes available, it shows the iPhone doing just fine in Japan? Not at all. If there's one thing that all of the "iPhone is flopping in Japan!" claims had in common, it's that NONE of them offered any evidence whatsoever. Remember that in the most infamous case of all, the "Japan hates the iPhone" article, WIRED actually had to amend the article and offer an awkward half-apology... That said, Success makes a good point: The...
What decade are you living in?? As of over a year ago, Apple (with iPhone biz factored in) had over half Microsoft's profits, over three-fourths Microsoft's revenue, and more cash than Microsoft. Since then Apple's kept growing like crazy, setting new records almost every quarter (profit up 47% in latest). Microsoft's quarters tend to be like its latest: bad (net income down 17%). I don't know what the current comparisons are for profit, revenue, cash, and market cap...
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