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"Come on, guys, would one of you at least try to compete with Apple? We'll, like, totally pay you."
A bit off topic, but: Where's the pun?
Let's see: I'll cannibalize this steak. Then I'll cannibalize a banana. Then watch some TV, but not too much, because that's been cannibalizing my reading time. No good. The article's use of the word is sloppy. iPads eat into PC sales; they don't "cannibalize" PC sales. But that's all a tangent. Back to the story –
Let's step away from the needless political comments, and discuss something more important: Was awesome wire action part of the "scuffle"? "Everybody was kung fu fighting..."
This is good stuff, and important news for the CJK markets. Vertical text on a Mac, right out of the box, is a big plus. And maybe third-party apps will be able to draw on the feature easily too; that'd be fantastic for Mac software in CJK markets. @wizard69: "This should make TextEdit more than suitable for many users needs. That means no need to install pages. " If you're suggesting that Pages does vertical text; that's not right; it unfortunately doesn't. But I...
Too bad Steve couldn't start on that new house around 2005, when a guy making a dollar a year could get a home loan.
Let's just put the following down in text up front, to save future posters the trouble and dramatics: APPLE, ARE WE SUPPOSED TO BETA TEST YOUR SOFTWARE? I GUESS APPLE'S TOO BUSY PUTTING REFLECTIONS IN THE DOCK TO DO QUALITY CONTROL APPLE, ARE YOU LISTENING? Any others?
A wine? I guess it's an OS trend. Vista's code name was "Night Train Express".
Hmm, they have the external optical drive for the Air; how about an external, cable-attached GPU?
A trivial tangent, but: The Nokia execs appear to follow the Microsoft way of filling every inch of a slide with clutter. Jobs would have that presentation designer's head.
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