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Why the xenophobic characterization of high school girls?
"... Jobs and Ive share credit for inventing over 200 patentsÂ…" You don't invent patents. You patent inventions. Back to the story...
"Come on, guys, would one of you at least try to compete with Apple? We'll, like, totally pay you."
A bit off topic, but: Where's the pun?
Let's see: I'll cannibalize this steak. Then I'll cannibalize a banana. Then watch some TV, but not too much, because that's been cannibalizing my reading time. No good. The article's use of the word is sloppy. iPads eat into PC sales; they don't "cannibalize" PC sales. But that's all a tangent. Back to the story –
Let's step away from the needless political comments, and discuss something more important: Was awesome wire action part of the "scuffle"? "Everybody was kung fu fighting..."
This is good stuff, and important news for the CJK markets. Vertical text on a Mac, right out of the box, is a big plus. And maybe third-party apps will be able to draw on the feature easily too; that'd be fantastic for Mac software in CJK markets. @wizard69: "This should make TextEdit more than suitable for many users needs. That means no need to install pages. " If you're suggesting that Pages does vertical text; that's not right; it unfortunately doesn't. But I...
Too bad Steve couldn't start on that new house around 2005, when a guy making a dollar a year could get a home loan.
Let's just put the following down in text up front, to save future posters the trouble and dramatics: APPLE, ARE WE SUPPOSED TO BETA TEST YOUR SOFTWARE? I GUESS APPLE'S TOO BUSY PUTTING REFLECTIONS IN THE DOCK TO DO QUALITY CONTROL APPLE, ARE YOU LISTENING? Any others?
A wine? I guess it's an OS trend. Vista's code name was "Night Train Express".
New Posts  All Forums: