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Apple could have simply sold the Apple Watch bodies separate from all of the bands and saved themselves a lot of the "returns hassle". Making the watches available to purchase, in store, on April 24th (the date they've been advertising on television) would have been a big plus in consumers' eyes as well. But, you know, I don't run a multi-billion dollar corporation, so, what do I know?
Does anyone know if you can upgrade from a previous Yosemite beta (pre-release 10.10.0) to this new 10.10.3 version directly? Or would one have to install a retail version of 10.10.2 and then upgrade to the 10.10.3 beta?
 Right or wrong, you know damn good and well you didn't have that knowledge in your head. You googled it. I bet you had to look up what a paraphrase was before you could even respond.
God forbid we have any personal privacy in America! "Americans having any control over their privacy should be illegal!" - FBI Director James Comey Does this sound like the America we grew up in, people?? These people are SYSTEMATICALLY stomping on and eliminating our Constitutional rights, little by little. WAKE UP and take a stand before it's too late!
Because expensive in-home technology solutions are going to be all the rage with people in the U.S. that can't even get a decent job to afford a home, much less a home that will have these kinds of capabilities built in. Please. And yes, you need to build it from the wiring upward. Just like Tallest Skil said, "if you're going to force me to buy a $40 light bulb for every socket of my house, you're not going to sell any product." I totally agree with his sentiment on the...
It sure is looking more and more like Apple is prepping for a big product announcement in the Apple TV area. They have been ramping up the content available on Apple TV for quite a little while now. When they open it up to developers and give it an 'App Store', it will be huge. That's when Apple will have the content providers really stand up and take notice. They'll all want a piece of the pie after that happens and Apple will finally have the content it wanted for its...
At this point... does anyone really care?
Manufacturing an entire television in a low-margin market makes no sense. However, an entirely revamped Apple TV set-top box with more powerful hardware, third-party app support, À la carte subscription model Internet television, a revolutionary user interface and iOS device game controls makes perfect sense. I think it is what Steve was talking about in Walter Isaacson's biography.   This may be what we've all been waiting for. Add it to any existing household with...
"limiting it in this manner to our newly developed AT&T Mobile Share data plans out of an overriding concern for the impact this expansion may have on our network"   So basically AT&T is openly admitting that, in spite of 5 YEARS of HUGE iPhone plan revenue rolling into their registers, they have not been using any of it to build out their network. Instead, they have been lining their own pockets and living like fat cats off of iPhone customers (for a half decade)...
We finally got our A15-based "A6" chip in the "iPhone 5". Amazing engineering, beautiful design. I'll be getting two within 30 days.
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