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So would you be if you had chosen the Verizon model. In fact, the Verizon model has every capability the AT&T model has (LTE also being available but different) plus the added capability to connect to a CDMA network. Both models support worldwide GSM capability. Don't believe it? Go check out the new iPad's Tech Specs page and look under "Wireless and Cellular". Compare closely. Verizon wins.
That guy is nothing more than a troll - didn't sign up with AI until 2012 and already has over 700 posts. He always has some little quip to try and stir the pot. I'm sure that he then sits back and gets a kick out of watching people come to Apple's defense. I have just learned to glance at the names on the left-hand side of each post and when I see certain ones, I just skip over them and disregard their posts completely. His is one of them.
I am in the same boat. I have AT&T service for my iPhone 4 (from 2010) but chose a Verizon LTE model iPad instead of an AT&T model. The reasons were three-fold: 1) AT&T doesn't offer LTE coverage where I live, Verizon does. 2) I have grown to have a serious disdain for AT&T and may switch to Verizon with the new iPhone refresh this year. 3) If you get the Verizon LTE model, it supports both CDMA and GSM networks. The AT&T model only supports GSM.
So, regarding pre-ordering "The new iPad"... I have a question. If I pre-order today, can I designate an Apple Store to pick it up at on launch day or do I only have the option to have it shipped to my home? I would like to pre-order an iPad to guarantee that I get one on launch day, but would actually enjoy the experience of going to the (very nice) mall nearby, where the Apple Store is located, to pick it up. I actually enjoyed the line wait (and company) when I...
"And to touch." has its own sentence. It means something - something beyond the already understood notion that an iPad has a touch screen. That's a given. I'd be willing to bet this means something just a little more...
"iPhone LTE" to be released in the fall, during the time-frame that used to be reserved for the iPod. You heard it here, first.
Didn't the Wall Street Journal already report that the new iPad would be sporting 4G LTE capability when it's released? Generally, the WSJ doesn't post rumors.http://online.wsj.com/article/SB1000...googlenews_wsj
Why don't you wait and see exactly what's announced and then ask these questions? Apple may just have all of that covered. After all, the MacBook Pro line will more than likely keep the "Pro" designation for a reason.
Money says that the 10.7.3 update will land within the week after Christmas. It will be released in time to give all new Mac gift recipients an update to squash any previously known bugs and provide the best user experience with the Mac platform and its new iCloud integrated services. This would happen for customers shortly after they unpack and set up their new Mac. It would be a well timed move by Apple to get it out in the week of December 25 - 31, I believe.
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