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My world will never be the same... starting today. Thank you for everything you've done.
Apple will release an iPhone 5 to go along with iOS 5 - a major revision. Remember, Apple likes to keep things simple for the most part. Aligning the number/version of the phone with the version of iOS that it runs only seems logical. It just makes simple sense.
When & What Time: Tuesday the 4th + 10:00 AM Where & What: Cupertino Campus + 1 Phone No iPhone 4S... only one phone. iPhone 5. Right?
QUOTE: Last edited by lundy; Today at 10:14 AM.. Reason: Dumbass didn't know or care the photo was fake Is it really necessary for an ADMIN to call a member "Dumbass" when editing a post? I mean, really man. That just shows you really have no business being an admin @ AI at all. I think we all here are behind Apple and Steve Jobs 100%, but that was very poor judgement, lundy... very poor. \
This just goes to show that in the Corporate States of America, we get punished for wanting to participate in modern technology with the rest of the world.
If there is any truth to this at all, then it seems to me like Apple needs to climb off of that ludicrous war chest of theirs and use some of it to build a few new data centers. The last thing they need to be doing is depending on Microsoft again. Agreed?
Just put Larry Page in the ring with Steve Jobs and let 'em duke it out already! (I've heard tell that Steve's a ninja...)
Agreed! I'm thinking it won't be a problem for me to wait for iPhone 6 to be released next summer or fall. Of course, considering I'm on a 2 year subsidy freeze until next summer anyway...
So, if a developer already has a GM copy of Lion on his/her Mac, do they have to pay the $30 to be legit in Apple's eyes or are they already set (because they are a developer)?
First and foremost, I would like to thank you for your reply. It is much appreciated. So, if I understand you correctly, I would be obligated to transfer a copy of the Lion image with the machine if I sold it to the person with Lion already installed? I personally feel that would be the right thing to do, but am I actually obligated? Maybe what you're saying is, according to this SCOTUS precedent, I would be legally obligated to no longer have a copy of the OS in my...
New Posts  All Forums: