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"$100 is not going to sway anyone on the fence about buying one." You're right. Especially when it's not even *really* $100 and you're being limited on how it has to be spent. This is more about Apple's bottom line than giving the customer anything of real value.
While I understand that Apple is not obligated to throw in *any* freebies with a Mac purchase, I still find the new $100 App Store gift card extremely lame in comparison to the free iPod of past promotions. I love Apple and their products, but Apple seems to be getting less and less generous with every passing year. It's all about how much money they can squeeze out of their potential customers as opposed to offering unmatched value to their customers' purchases. From a...
/edit "Wireless carriers reportedly surprised by sudden, loud sucking sound when looking through customer accounts"
Slow news day?
Bug, my ass!
You would think that Microsoft would be the one to get the software end of things going the best. After all, they are supposed to be a software company. I think the proof is in the pudding - Microsoft basically relinquished its relevancy when Bill Gates stepped down and Ballmer took over. Ballmer has been nothing but a weight on Microsoft since he took over Bill's old day-to-day duties.
Apple planned and facilitated the long lines by purposefully not having pre-orders and in-store reservations and limiting initial availability. They wanted the news to report the "long lines" and "sell-outs" for publicity purposes. It takes a coordinated effort between Steve Jobs, Tim Cook, Phil Schiller and the operations and marketing teams at Apple to set up and execute properly. Make no mistake - they know exactly what they're doing. Many companies in the world are...
He just wants to be argumentative today, RedRaider. I see he's apparently on the warpath and imposing his views (as fact) on everyone today. Now I don't feel so singled out. It sounds to me like someone needs to take a long lunch break, go get some fresh air and come back with a refreshed perspective.
Why would I take the time to disagree in private? You've already stated that you don't care what I think. It sounds like you're in a great mood today! I personally think you're just angry because I made good, valid points. You do what you want with your little "power". I really don't care.
And if you do that then 1) You're a xxxxxxxxxx and 2) You're a prime example of what's wrong with America.Why should anyone be able to bump other people back in line because they pay more money? Quit thinking you're privileged and wait in line like everyone else. If you get there early enough and put in the time (like everyone else) then it'll pay off in the form of you being at the front of the line. Don't be a xxxxxxx No name calling!Mr. melgross - First, douche is not...
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