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He just wants to be argumentative today, RedRaider. I see he's apparently on the warpath and imposing his views (as fact) on everyone today. Now I don't feel so singled out. It sounds to me like someone needs to take a long lunch break, go get some fresh air and come back with a refreshed perspective.
Why would I take the time to disagree in private? You've already stated that you don't care what I think. It sounds like you're in a great mood today! I personally think you're just angry because I made good, valid points. You do what you want with your little "power". I really don't care.
And if you do that then 1) You're a xxxxxxxxxx and 2) You're a prime example of what's wrong with America.Why should anyone be able to bump other people back in line because they pay more money? Quit thinking you're privileged and wait in line like everyone else. If you get there early enough and put in the time (like everyone else) then it'll pay off in the form of you being at the front of the line. Don't be a xxxxxxx No name calling!Mr. melgross - First, douche is not...
Reverting the buttons to a horizontal layout can easily be done. With iTunes not running, open Terminal and enter the following code:defaults write com.apple.iTunes full-window -1 To restore the vertical layout, simply use this command:defaults write com.apple.iTunes full-window -0 (Courtesy of Macworld.com)
I wonder if Ballmer ever gets tired of always feeling like he's a day late and a dollar short. Microsoft is always playing catch up to Apple in every aspect of its business. \
And by adding Bing, they're also cutting into Google's share of the search pie on iPhone OS. Google will see what an impact that decision will have, for sure. If I were a business partner (in any form) with Apple, the one thing I would be sure NOT to do is piss off Steve Jobs. He WILL get even!
Can I get some volume boost on my mid-2009 MacBook Pro? I notice that going from Leopard on a late-2008 MacBook Pro to Snow Leopard on my current MBP dropped the max volume in OSX by a huge amount. In fact, when running Win7 via Boot Camp, the max volume is even lower. It's so low, in fact, that there's no need to use any other volume setting other than max. I mean, the volume is there in OSX, it is just noticeably lower than my previous MBP that ran Leopard. Has anyone...
Hulu now doesn't want to invest the time and resources into developing an iPad friendly version of their website because they now know they can't bleed iPad customers dry with a subscription plan. The "Hulu polls" all over the web have shown them that nobody is willing to pay a subscription fee for ad-ridden content that is already available for free. Trying to turn something that's already free into a fee-based service hasn't worked out well for anyone thus far. Hulu...
First AT&T and now Kraft??? Does anyone have even a smidgen of respect left for the Mac addict?
As a soon-to-be iPad owner, I can understand app developers using the 'XL' suffix to distinguish iPad versions of their applications from iPhone/iPod touch versions. However (and please correct me if I'm completely wrong here), isn't using the term 'HD' here just a bit misleading? If I remember correctly, the iPad's screen resolution is 1024x768 - which would make it a bit shy of the minimum requirement to display true HD content, right?
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