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  I just wish it would become more than a watch.   http://successfulworkplace.com/2013/02/11/its-an-iphone-tim-but-not-as-we-know-it/   I really want Apple to disrupt the mobile phone industry again and split out more of the phone functionality into this and leave the actual large screen form factor as just the mobile and social window to the interwebs. I think the phone form should shrink again.  
http://bpmredux.wordpress.com/2012/10/08/i-finally-cracked-it-one-year-on-was-the-apple-hdtv-remark-steves-last-laugh-at-the-television-industry/   Is there really an innovative product in the Apple stable that will blow everyone out the water ? Is there a user experience that nobody else can really match when it’s eventually launched ?   Or was Steve slyly prodding the industry in a direction he wanted them to take only to reinvent it all over again ?
http://bpmredux.wordpress.com/2012/0...he-little-guy/ Didn't expect a response but I got one. Currently being looked at by the Apple engineers in the US, may have to hand in my 4S if they can't resolve by checking out the diagnostic info remotely. If anything though I hope it helps push this one to the top of the fix list.
iPhoneCTO bag an exclusive post-launch interview with Apperian's CEO Chuck Goldman at WWDC http://bit.ly/eTzto
Would you like to be recognized as an expert and enhance your professional credentials? Or would being published online help you promote your professional or personal interests? If so, join the iPhoneCTO team and become an editor. iPhoneCTO launched in 2008 and is quickly becoming the leading authority on iPhone in the enterprise. We cover the latest news, application reviews, tutorials and guides for business and enterprise users. Our visitors come from over 100...
iphone CTO dot com is the leading resource for iPhone in the enterprise. Founded in 2008, iPhoneCTO’s singular purpose is to report on iPhone’s evolution from a consumer to enterprise device. We cover the latest news, application reviews and resources to administer and manage iPhones in a corporate environment. If you have an enterprise/ business related app and would like it to be reviewed, pop along to the site and drop us a suggestion and we'll get back to you...
New Posts  All Forums: