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  If it's that damn logical, why weren't they doing it with units like the BlackJack and BlackJack II that I owned? Apparently it didn't become logical until after an iPhone??
If, and I repeat *if*, Google did steal IP to build Android, they Apple and others are perfectly right to sue them into submission. It's all well and good to say "innovate and compete, don't get legal" but when they're trying to compete with stolen property, they would deserve to be nuked out of existence. They can't claim competition when they're stealing the other teams playbook.
It wasn't a whine smarta$$, it was a curiosity question. Why a discrete graphics chip with only 256Mb of VRAM? It just seems out of place, considering (as stated) older ones had more and these days most all are coming with 512MB to 1G of VRAM.
What's with the 256Mb of VRAM? The machine is awesome with that one exception. Even the crappy old GT120 card for the MacPro had 512Mb....
Anyone else have this? When running 10.6.7 on a MacPro 3,1 (8 core, 14Gig RAM, ATI5770 GPU) and Safari popped right along. Upgrade to 10.6.8 and suddenly Safari seems to take forever loading pages.
It would depend on the Mac Mini. It's probably too much to hope for but here's my wish list: 1) Core i7 (mobile version) 2) up to 16 GB RAM (4x4GB SODIMM) 3) Thunderbolt AND USB3.0 (need at least USB2.0 of course, for my mouse/keyboard) 4) Radeon 6000 series mobile GPU, preferably as an MXM module that's upgradeable later Of course since I'm wishing here I might as well add a pony to the list ... :-)
heh .. its a ploy to drive down Adobe stock price so it can be really cheap for Apple to buy it up
I'm a recently returned user to the Mac-fold. I built myself a "hackintosh" on some Shuttle hardware (small form factor) and LOVED it. Plenty of power, expandability, etc for my needs but in a nice small box. It was working beautifully until 10.5.7 killed it and rather than try to fix it I went out and bought a refurb 2008 Mac Pro. Let me be clear about one thing: I did NOT want a Mac Pro sized box. I WANTED a headless but powerful machine, which is not offered by Apple...
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