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How can they possibly be accused of price fixing when Apple lets the publishers choose the price?
I agree. Let's keep it tech related here. 
I hate you
I'd love to see the iPhone for Page Plus Cellular. 
My AT&T iPhone 4 shows up to date.
Time to carry out Steve Job's wishes of "going nuclear"?
I'd jump all over this if the iPhone 5 was out now. The 4S is not enough of a difference for me to switch to Sprint. 
Remember when we used to be jealous of Japan always having better phones? The times they are changing.
Hang on Mr, CEO. I'm one person who will be going back Sprint as soon as my contract with ATT is over. 
I'm not helping with their plans. I just purchased a new iPad today. I also created this message with the dictation tool. I'm going to get spoiled by it.
New Posts  All Forums: