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Because you are in a rural area I would suggest slowing the speed of your modem down to the v.34 spec. I don't know what the phone lines are like where you are but in New Zealand they are some shite and slowing down the modem speed is the only way to get around it. Also check that you haven't set your modem to disconnect after a set period. Good luck
Safari has some cool features but for me it does not even come close to camino in the speed department, camino seems at least twice as fast on my machine. Rock on Camino!!!!!
160, 20GB got it for my 21st, nice prezzie huh
Use Xray, works for me
What's new in this version: * New Download Manager, with auto-download and auto-dispatch. * Compatible with URL Manager Pro * Page Text Encodings menu * Global History in the sidebar * Send Link menu item, and other new toolbar buttons * Dragging of images and links to the desktop, and other applications * Support for Shockwave Directory content * Uses Rendezvous to show local FTP and web servers * Supports Proxy Auto-config Just...
This is quite funny...... spose thats what you get when you skimp out and settle for Windows and Dell.
Christchurch, New Zealand
I'm assuming you need an administrator password, if this is the case it would be the password you entered to set up the system when you first set up the main user on the machine. If you have forgotten it you can reset your password by booting off CD and selecting reset password from one of the menu's.
Speed Download is the best, hands down. At work I am on our office lan not sure of the connection speed but when I download without speed download I get on average 80-90 K a second. With speed download it is not uncommon to see speeds reach as high as 480 K a second. So in answer to your question, it is definately worth the price.
If alingi actually had an all swiss team they would not have won the cup, the fact is a billionaire bought himself a cup, simple as that. I do believe, however that we (New Zealanders) are the best sailors in the world. Not the swiss. Money talks though.
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