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Uhh on my iPad 2 I can most definitely mirror the ABC app to my widescreen. It's not full screen but it works well for what it does.
ITUNES IS LIVE!! I just got it from Software Update.
Or yes. What are you thinking? shits going to sell millions.
Look how happy they all look
Jailbreak and use my3G, works great for facetime.
"This is because back clip was is press-fit and glued onto the body of the device." huh?
To the first paragraph, no. They are not going to be changing the screen size of any ipod touch. Bet on it. To the second paragraph, if the iPhone 4 storage gives us any clue, the capacity is going to stay the same maxed out a 64gig. I'm betting on 128gig next year.
Think retard think. Better yet, why not just read? He is talking about iOS 4 for the iPad.
The new Mac Pros aren't available for build to order yet.. not till next month
What's your wife get? I get 18% off my phone bill, but Verizon and AT&T both honor it.
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