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hmm sounds enticing but i need concrete details before decieding to send back the MacBook pro I have in the mail.
Are they replacing them with the same model or newer updated dual band?
More power to us. The other 1% who use it right.
Did you even read the article you linked? It excludes the 3GS... And yes, ive tried that already.
It hasn't been any issue to *most* people except being cosmetically wrong, I can continue to make calls and use data even with the 0 bars. Apple will fix it, big deal.
I'm right handed, hold it in my right hand, and navigate/ type with my right thumb. On longer sentences, its right and left thumb, landscape or portrait. I would hate to have to use both my hands every time I wanted to check the simplest thing, it's all a one hand operation most of the time.
Yeah, flawless. I dont sit here and bitch about little "issues" which are really non-issues. Mine has worked well beyond my expectations.
My "old" 3GS which was updated to 4.0 completely wanked out on the update, can't connect to edge, 3G... No data whatsoever... AT&T can't fix it, was escalated to top technical support, no help. Restore, upgrades, clean restores with no backups, network resets, AT&T sending out reset commands....not one facking thing worked, all this on a phone that worked beautifully before. On the other hand, my iPhone 4 has been flawless, I can replicate the service issues by gripping...
New Posts  All Forums: