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Good for you.
This is gonna suck a fatty
Set a bookmark in mobile safari to www.appleinsider.com/?aiSite=full and then everytime you want to go to AI just open the bookmark and it automatically loads the full site... Thats what I do, havent had to deal with that mess for a while now
I am very excited for the new OS. Apple seems to have nailed it again and I can't wait for it to be out in full force. I think its going to be well worth the wait.
Wasn't expecting it so quickly but that's awesome can't waitttt
I'm not really sure, the funds arent available in my account so idk if its being held or charged already. Good thing is, it doesn't matter to me either way, just curious.
Kinda weird.. i wonder why its different, my order was placed at 5:32 a.m....oh wait, i just checked again, and my mistake, but the $764 and double $1 charges are under "pending"..haha it's my first time using the online banking
Hmm...mine to was a Debit card from Wells Fargo. Online it says, CHKCARDAPL*APPLE ONLIN800-67675 CAUS\t- $764.76 CHKCARDAPL*APPLE ONLIN800-67675 CAUS\t-$1.00 CHKCARDAPL*APPLE ONLIN800-67675 CAUS\t-$1.00
So whats the deal with the pre-orders...are they charging cards now or waiting? or putting a hold? It seems my accounts already been cleaned out
64 gig wifi and also ordered zagg invisible shield....gonna be awesome
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