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cant wait for this to hit my soon-to-be iPad... gonna be awesome
I clearly see it also. Look at second 4 in the exact middle of the bezel. There is clearly something there and it appears to be were the camera hole in the frame was spotted. http://www.apple.com/ipad/gallery/#hardware06
I'm seriously wondering if they keep putting out these betas just to waste time until the MBP update comes.. which would hopefully indicate very soon because 2 issue free beta's wont hold out for much longer. Anyone else's thoughts?
HAHAH damn he just got your ass!
Think real hard, do you really think Apple needs fake plants? Hell no.
I hope this is the case, I'm anxious to purchase a new MBP and iPad asap! every tuesday has been painful without the new mbp announcements \
Heres to hoping that with 4.0 we will see some new interfaces. Refreshed home/lock screen with better notifications and widgets, more customization which I think is a possibility since just with this 3.2 stopgap they enabled background pics. Some form of multitasking I think is almost guranteed, just unsure how it's gonna be implemented. I'm very excited to be getting an iPad, and hope that a 4.0 release a few months later will make it even that much better.
geez, I was hoping for a final release today.
exciting stuff.. Hopefully it won't be such a letdown.
nothing exciting..
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