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I think it looks nice, but function wise it doesnt fit with the iphone. Agreed that the iPad woulda been a good fit
Gorgeous phone, minus the home button.
iPad nano
woohooo... where are the real leaks?
Agreed, but the number of fake photos that look as genuine, plausible, and convincing as this, are far and few between.
Dumb sarcasm aside, I find it hard to believe they would go through the trouble to fake this. Whats the point? And to fit and cast the iSight module into a fake frame that so happens to look genuine? Sure, it could be faked. But I think its more than likely, not.
So you think they faked it?
Props, genuinely good thinking. Does anyone know the details on apple and their camera partners? could they outsource to different companies and essentially do what the did to flash mem by leaving it scarce?...Apple may be the one caught in a pickle here.
Thats not the issue, as my first iMac burned the windows 7 disk I used for bootcamp. And now I need to burn it again, with the same type of CD and from the same actual package, but the new iMac just spits out the blank ones and will not accept them no matter what I do.
Touchscreen? Not a snowballs chance in hell. New MBP? They should be along shortly. The i5 is basically begging to be in one.
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