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I wish my experience was flawless...my first one had to wait a month to ship..it finally came and within a day the screen was terrible. Flickering and going black...took it to apple store...they ordered new parts and then got a phone call from the manager who talked to corporate and decided that it wasn't right to "repair" such a new machine and told me to come pick up a brand new one 5(!) days later... i was quite annoyed because i know they had i5's in stock when i...
to good to be true..
and i quote "It has a USB port without a card adapter. Suggest you visit Apple's iPad site. How anybody would think that you couldn't access or write to external files boggles the mind."
The adapter wasn't what I was attacking. Read up, he is claiming its built in without the need of an adapter. So I said, "show me the link."
Wheres the link to Apples page? You are wrong, you boggle my mind.
multicore iphone
I think there should still be a camera
it has bluetooth 2.1
its cheap!!!! 499!! whooooo
the 3g plans are very impressive
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