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One long ass keynote thats for sure
Ohhhh ireland where art thou??
I hate to admit as a big Apple fan, but I am a bit dissapointed so far. Heres to hoping theres something amazing that hasnt been revealed yet
where is Ireland??? I hate to think of how he feels right now..
I personally like iSlate much more. It sounds futuristic and intriguing..
Also the bezel looks huge. First impressions are a bit scrambled...idk what to think yet till i see it in person. \
I am shocked they went with iPad
I think iOS is pretty catchy. Me likes
Oh apple, even when it looks like there doing something that isn't up to their standards, they come back and say its all part of the plan.
I hope its a big day for verizon.. they are my carrier and fantastic in my area. Can't wait!
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