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Alas, my i5 was made in december also. No issues for 2 days, then the screen would start flickering and eventually black out at times. It started instantly on bootup in front of the Genius who claimed I was the first iMac the stores seen and that it isnt a widespread issue. He went as far as to tell me that the internet is lying and that maybe a few displays were bad but not alot, but he "mine as well order more video cards" since i may be the first of many. I want to ask...
I never considered this to be a new product..If i waited for the 2nd or 3rd revision, hell it might have a 30inch screen by then. I am not to bothered by my problems with my new iMac. Apple is doing everything to fix it, free of cost...i just luckily live near a Apple store so its not a big deal. Just miss it
I wonder what this means for me? My brand new 27inch is at the Apple store right now getting repaired with either a new 4850 or new logic board as the technician ordered both. I dropped it off on the 21st and haven't heard anything yet. Im gonna call today.. I want it back but not in 3 weeks.
its gonna be awesome
I got my i5 yesterday, and today used bootcamp to partion the disk. Then quit bootcamp, put in my windows 7 64bit ultimate install disk, and restarted holding option. Clicked windows disk and installed fine, my magic mouse and keyboard were even working over bluetooth (surprisingly). After it tried to boot up again i was left with a black screen...googled around and found out i had to delete the ATI drivers from windows using "repair windows" and the "command prompt" since...
I hope so! Thats all i've been waiting for after dropping AT&T's crap. NO 3G and horrendous edge in my town yet 10 mins to north and 5 mins to south 3G flourishes. Verizon has outstanding 3G coverage and would rather have a tad slower rate of download(so i've read?) but consistent coverage then spotty ass service from you know who.
Just what we need.. so us, the customer, wins.
If so..Planned Obsolescence.
I was suspicious of the lack of Iphone OS updates, it was odd. Now it is coming all together.
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